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LightChat - A lightweight but feature packed chat formatting plugin for Nukkit

LightChat - Chat Formatting

LightChat is a lightweight but feature packed chat formatting plugin that includes PlaceholderAPI support and various anti spam tools

  • Supports both LuckPerms and Multipass
  • PlaceholderAPI is supported but not required
  • Built in anti spam, anti unicode, chat filter and word blacklist
  • Well optimized code
  • You can enable/disable all features and edit every message in the config

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Hey, i am using luckperms and lightchat, i created a group with prefix and i added myself, but it isnt showing the prefix...can you please help


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So umm i typed under format....Owner: "[Example] §a%event_player% §7%event_message%"....but it still didnt work, like it isnt showing my prefix so can you please i need other plugins(like vault in case of java)


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I am Currently having the same issue:
and this is what is happening
I have both PlaceholderAPI and MorePlaceholder plugin.