(Looking For Plugins to Be Made) Will pay for them!

Hello, My name is jbreadtoasty AKA Hero Nash I would like some plugins made for nukkit, the list is down below. USD currency
  1. Hide And Seek I want to be able to make custom props to hide with or use blocks from minecraft to hide with. $20
  2. Per world inventory so each world when teleported to it you have a separate inventory and each worlds inventory saves to the world. $10
  3. Per world Money so each world has its own money so that you don't have the same amount on every world and can make use of that for making skyblock and factions have separate money. $10
  4. Plugin that makes it so that the new items in minecraft work. $15
  5. Gui skyblock plugin for easy making of a skyblock world or maybe a way of having someone pay for a skyblock pass to allow them to play on the skyblock world. $10
  6. Factions plugin with scoreboard only on the factions world made with multiworld plugin. I want it to have the factions scoreboard only in the factions world. $8
  7. gui kitpvp plugin where players can use the gui to get whatever kit their rank is allowed to obtain. $10
If you are wanting a bit more money for the plugins just private message me and we will work something out.