TeleportPads 1.0.1


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TeleportPads - TeleportPads: Use pressure plates for instant teleportation in Minecraft.

Plugin Name: TeleportPads

Version: 1.0

Author: Rakilem YT

Description: TeleportPads is a Minecraft server plugin that allows players to create and use pressure plates as teleportation points in the game world. With this plugin, players can place a pressure plate at a specific location and assign destination coordinates to it. When a player steps on the pressure plate, they are instantly teleported to the designated location.

Command to Create Teleport...
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Error Description: The issue lied within the onBlockBreak method within the TeleportPads class. Originally, this method was sending the message "Teleport pad removed" every time a block was broken, without checking whether the broken block was a teleport pad or not. This caused the message to be displayed even when non-teleport pad blocks were broken, which was not the desired behavior.

Solution: The solution involved modifying the onBlockBreak method to check if the broken...
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