We are now Cloudburst!

Hey everyone,

It's been a long time coming but we're finally renaming this organisation!
We wanted to do this as there's been a lot of confusion about the difference between
- Nukkit: the original project and repo
- NukkitX: this organisation
- NukkitX's fork of Nukkit, Nukkit 1.0: the NukkitX/Nukkit repo master branch + related
- NukkitX's hard fork of Nukkit, Nukkit 2.0: the NukkitX/Nukkit repo 2.0 branch + related


This was causing quite a bit of confusion to those outside the organisation (and some of those within!!) and since one of the goals of the open collaboration project is to allow more people to readily contribute to the project we thought now was a good time to go ahead and rename.
Thank you to everyone who's suggested a new name, the core team voted on all suggestions.
The new name of the organisation is Cloudburst. We like this name as it's easy to say, spell and keeps with the water theme of Minecraft-related server software.

Going forwards we'll have the following core projects:
- Cloudburst Nukkit: the continuing maintenance of Nukkit 1.0
- Cloudburst Server: creation and progression of a Bedrock-first server software (aka NukkitX 2.0)

We'll be separating the repositories for Cloudburst Nukkit and Cloudburst Server to make the distinction clearer.
Your GitHub repos should automagically redirect to the new locations, Cloudburst Server will be separated to a new repo so you'll need to separately handle that.
Please give us some time to handle the update of everything as there's a lot to do! If you notice something broken please raise it in one of the channels!


Keep up the good work. Hopefully CloudBurst Server/Nukkit 2.0 will be more standardized so others can make plugins for it, so I can make the switch from 1.0 to 2.0. :)
Congratulations! I'm very excited to see the future of Cloudburst Server.

If possible, please keep Cloudburst Nukkit functioning and updated until Cloudburst Server is production ready. It is especially important that updated clients be able to log in. At least for ScraM we don't need any new features or block support, just minimal protocol support for new versions.
It worked! I tried the latest jar from the 1.16 branch CI build and I'm able to connect from a 1.16 client.

I didn't try any new 1.16 features, and I already see a minor visual glitch in the chat rendering. The fundamentals work fine, however.

The usual disclaimers apply: This is an unannounced, unreleased dev build, use with caution and only on backed-up worlds.