Experimental ASkyBlock v0.5.3-BETA

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Hello there, welcome to our first Nukkit (Nuclear Powered) plugin, ASkyBlock! A perfect SkyBlock gamemode for your server production, optimized to use Java and Nukkit API. This plugin also comes with a multi-language settings, but not all of them are currently supported, rewrite are needed.

But to clarify, there is a lot of commands and it do feels like the real Bukkit plugin :D
Acknowledged by Poslovitch, a BentoBox active developer!

Warning: This BREAKS v0.4.8 BUILD! DO NOT USE THIS BUILD IF YOU ARE RUNNING THE OLD PLUGIN. There is a lot of changes with database dialects and backup are needed!


This plugin require a DbLib plugin that can be found in lib/ directory. We recommended to use latest DbLib plugin.
Dependencies however can be added, but you don't need this explicitly in order to run this plugin perfectly.

So far, this plugin has implemented these features:
  • Classic SkyBlock game.
  • Asynchronous database operations, no lag guarantee
  • Schematic map load, you can pick your own island.
  • Magic cobble generator, better and improved
  • Localizing system, there is only 2 locales currently.
  • Protection settings, No more griefers in your island
  • Load/Unload player inventory when teleport to island (The settings are in config.yml)
  • Safe teleportation trough island, no need to be afraid getting into void
  • Fancy title when you teleports to an island, Its real
  • Intractable with Panel and FormAPI
  • Island level calculations,

For your information, we will be updating our wiki on our github page! It will be updated from time to time. For now, we just documented all the commands and their permission on the page! There still a lot more to be done, but your patient is much appreciated. (Also please star this project, plsplsplsplspls)

You can also try to download the latest version of ASkyBlock build there, if there is any bug with the current version of ASkyBlock.


As you always know, We tried to make this plugin stay alive, We are human being too! We do appreciate you donation to our PayPal account:

Don't hesitate to contact me trough discord! I will always be there and listen to your problems
Trust me.

Discord ID: MrPotato101#0060 [This tag is still valid for 3 years now]
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed teleportation issues, and few bugs fixes.

    In the last update, there is a few bugs I found that need a fix, following issues has been...
  2. A lot of improvement and core stability.

    Oh well, after 2 years missing? Where have you been? The changes that has been made: Database...
  3. ASkyBlock v0.4.8 Bug fixes

    This build fixes a lot of crappy things from v0.4.7-BETA which this build has been tested by our...

Latest reviews

This was a really good plugin. Diamonds spawn frequently though. It works well with EconomyAPI and Trading Interface - ShopGUI. Can you please fix the spawn? Whenever I use /is spawn or lobby I fall into the void and lose all my stuff. Instead for the spawn I have to use EssentialsNK.
Hello MrPotato101, Currently I have some issue on your plugin there is sqlite-jdbc downloading and got error on it. You can just say what is the required plugin on its needs. Well I fixed that well thats no problem to me well its kinda a good plugin.
I want to edit source and recompile but there are a lot of errors.I tryed java decompiler but its doing syntax mistakes.So I took the codes from github and added plugin.yml.I added a lot of library but still there are errors.It's
looking almost impossible to compile.Can directly send your project to me with all libraries.My email is [email protected]
One thing missing is the documentation of set up is a little lac luster.
Love this plugin! Hope you can complete is coop and is top features soon.
It's just an amazing plugin, but I can't attack the mobs on the island.
firstly,this is a excellent plugins i really love ,but i have a request would you help me deal with it? i can not delete the older version because the new db document can not support the older .so would you give me a solution or make the new db support the older version .when i try to edit the db document by myself .it is very complex .the players details is huge .so if you cloud deal with this problem i would appreciate very much .thank you
not work properly in offline-mode, error, look github
Ein coop modus muss eig in ein skyblock sein wurde mich freuen wenn es hinzugefügt wird
Is there a invite thing because i want to invite people to my island
There will be one, just wait :)