Experimental ColorMatch 3.1.4

Compatible API Versions
The game arena is composed from randomly generated pieces of wool (or other colorable materials) and one of those color is also randomly chosen. Then players have certain time to find that specified color and stay on this piece. After the cooldown reaches 0 all other colors will disappear and players who don't stand on the target color will fall down usually into the lava and will be eliminated.
The last player standing is the winner.

ColorMatch provides customizable configuration, so you can change many things to fit your needs.

- 3 types of the game (normal, stoned, furious, blind)
- aggressive mode (players standing on the same piece can hit each other)
- floor material (wool, carpet, clay, glass)
- floor reset cooldown (color change interval)
- floor size
- language configuration (for now only English and Czech is preconfigured)
- minimal and maximal player count per arena
- time until game starts
- whether inventory of players should be saved before start and reloaded after game ends
- stats providers (yaml, mysql, sqlite)
- in-game chat format
- reward for winner
- direct join (players automatically join the arena when they log in)

/cm start [arena]
- start the game
/cm stop [arena] - stop the running game
/cm join <arena> - join to the arena
/cm leave - leave the arena
/cm enable <arena> - enable the arena
/cm disable <arena> - disable the arena (joining is not allowed to the disabled arenas)
/cm configure <arena> - configure or modify arena configuration
/cm create <arena> [block] - create new arena
/cm list - show all existing arenas
/cm build <arena> - build basic arena
/cm stats [player] - show game statistics of you or other players
/cm help - show all available commands

    description: "allows player to join to full arenas"
    default: op
    description: "allows player to create join sign"
    default: op
    description: "allows player to remove join sign"
    default: op
    description: "allows player to use join sign"
    default: true
    description: "allows player to use other commands in game"
    default: op
    description: "allows player to use all ColorMatch commands"
    default: op
        description: "allows player to force start the arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to force stop the arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to enable an arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to disable an arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to join to arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to leave an arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to create a new arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to remove an arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to configure an arena"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to see all avalaible ColorMatch commands"
        default: true
        description: "allows player to see all avalaible ColorMatch commands"
        default: op
        description: "allows player to see all avalaible ColorMatch commands"
        default: true
        description: "allows player to change the default ColorMatch lobby"
        default: op
        description: "shows all available arenas"
        default: op

Installation and configuration
Drop the jar into the plugins folder and start the server.
Then join the server with sufficient permissions and follow the instructions or the video tutorial.

1. /cm create <arena>
2. /cm configure <arena>

3. Now you are in the configuration mode. You have 4 tools to set position of floor, join position, sign position and spectator spawn position. Set all of them by breaking a block at target coordinates.

4. Now it's done, however you can change default arena configuration by additional commands. These commands must be run without the slash at the begining.

Command List
floorradius <radius>
floortype <wool/carpet/clay/glass>
colorinterval <seconds>
arenatype <normal/blind/stoned/furious>
aggressive <true/false>​

When you are really done just type 'done' (without the slash as well). Now you can enable the arena with /cm enable <arena>

And after enabling you are able to run /cm build <arena> [block] to build the basic default arena.

Video tutorial how to configure a new arena
You can help by creating a pull request to my github repository, posting new ideas how to make game better or improving/creating new language translations.
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4.33 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 3.1.4

    - Add German translation
  2. Version 3.1.3

    - Add korean support
  3. Version 3.1.2

    - permission fixes

Latest reviews

unfortunately does not save the inventory, please Fix
hey the plugin is very good but for me and my friends the game dosnt stop when only one player lives
i also use waterdog and when i join the game i get kicked by the server
Doesn't work well when using waterdog I was kicked out of the server when I tried to enter the arena
First I would report it to the waterdog. If you or anyone else get more information about the error I can fix it too.
Hi There! Thanks for this awesome plugin, me and my friends do enjoy a lot. But I have an issue that I would hope you could fix

Whenever you enter the match, the boss bar appears saying "Wait for players 1/12". And If a player decides to leave because no one joined, the boss bar tends would still appear, and whenever the game starts. You would teleport the the arena even though you left the match.

I hope you could understand, but overall, this is a great plugin :)
Thank you. I cannot reproduce the issue you described. Contact me on discord, github or forum with steps to reproduce
Really good! Lots of different variants and options to experiment with, Please do more minigame plugins!
Thank you
Can you still do that for bungeecord? pls
Awsome plugin. I love the idea, and how everything works. Two things I want to tell you, 1. The cm remove DOSE NOT WORK. Please fix that ASAP
2. PLEASE MAKE MORE! I love the idea and how everything works (As I said previously) and I just love the customisation. Please make more. Thanks!
Ich mag das Spiel, aber leider funktioniert der Zuschauermodus nicht vernünftig...
Man spawnt zwar nach dem Tod in der Luft, fällt aber wie ein Stein nach unten
Lg DueKay


I like the game, but unfortunately the viewer mode does not work properly ...
You spawn after death in the air, but falls down like a stone
Lg DueKay
you can configure spectator spawn wherever you want