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Discontinued EconomyLand 1.0.0

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Full Credit: onebone

EconomyLand for Nukkit has more useful features than EconomyLand for PocketMine-MP. Its feature was added to meet requests from Korean, but I'm sure others will find it useful.

Major features added for Nukkit
  • Visible position selection
    • You can see where you have selected after using /land pos1, /land pos2
  • Liquid flowing prevention
    • Note: This feature will work after this PR is merged
    • Liquid will stop flowing(updating) when it reaches the end of land
    • Bug: Liquid could not disappear completely when you remove the parent liquid block
  • Land options
    • You can set land option such as access, pickup, hide, message
      • access is an option which can prevent from other players from accessing your land
      • pickup is an option which can prevent from other players from picking up items on your land
      • hide is an option which can prevent from your land is shown in list
      • message is an option which is shown when other player access to your land, active only when access is on
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  1. Update to 1.6

    Add support for 1.6 courtesy of @jume :)

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