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EssentialsNK 1.9.2

  • Fix home level bug
  • Add Russian language
Fix ClassCastException when reading mute config.
  • You can no longer ignore yourself
  • Ignore also applies to tpa and tpahere so senders will instantly receive a denial message.
  • Potential fix for broken warps
  • Like
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  • Whois command gives you a variety of information about a player online or offline. (Offline data is lacking right now but will be fixed in future updates). essentialsnk.whois permission allows players to view there own whois whilst essentialsnk.whois.other allows users to view other player's whois info. These both default to operator only.
  • Added homes limit via the permission<amount>. Users without this permission will get infinite homes and operators are exempt.
When a player with a pending teleportation request would leave, a ConcurrentModificationException would be thrown.
This is now fixed.
This update attempts to fix some problems caused by the API changes in the previous one.
Major API changes to convert data to UUIDs.
Remove use of class that does not exist anymore.
Add teleportation cool down using<seconds>
Add command cool down using essentialsnk.cooldown.<seconds>
Gamemode aliases did not work. Now they do!