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EssentialsNK 1.9.3


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It seems after doing /setspawn when you type /spawn it teleports you no where, no errors, and gives you the telporting message. But it does not actually teleport you,


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please support luckperm, some reason when i have ur plugin and luckperm on /help is in accessible please make compatible thank


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SupremeMortal updated EssentialsNK with a new update entry:

Whois Command & Homes Limit

  • Whois command gives you a variety of information about a player online or offline. (Offline data is lacking right now but will be fixed in future updates). essentialsnk.whois permission allows players to view there own whois whilst essentialsnk.whois.other allows users to view other player's whois info. These both default to operator only.
  • Added homes limit via the permission<amount>....
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Hey guys, I have actually came across one thing I really need to start my PvP server. I set teleport cooldown and it does work when i type /spawn but when i type /home (didnt tried other teleport commands) it doesnt and secong thing is if you can add option so If player moves it cancel the teleportatation process please? :)