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EssentialsNK 1.9.3


Português Brasil = Um plugin muito legal, e realmente tem QUASE TODOS OS RECURSOS DOS ESSENCIAIS, uma única coisa que senti falta no plugin foi a criação de kits, que muito boa, se você pode adicionar prazer agradecido.

Inglês = A really cool plugin, and it really has ALMOST ALL THE ESSENTIAL FEATURES, one thing I missed in the plugin was the creation of kits, which is very good, if you can add it I would appreciate it very much.


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VERY IMPORTANT FOR ME: homes are NOT teleporting to the right world, it just teleports to the coords without checking what WORLD you're currently in!

Edit: it seems the worlds were not loaded.
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I'm having a problem with a new rPi server setup... if I use the command "/tp @s 10 20 30" I will be teleported to coords "20 20 30"... I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong... I've made sure the coords I'm TP'ing to are not in something...

I've added the EssentialsNK plugin (for another reason) and it still is happening.


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Hey, I have really strange bug. Whenever I use /back it just teleports me below bedrock and I die. Can I fix this myself or is it common bug or something?

EDIT: I use RTP plugin. Apparently when you teleport somewhere using /rtp, then you have to use the built-in /b to get back because /back just teleports you underneath bedrock and you fall out of world
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Great mod. One issue I've run across is that when sleeping it wakes up almost below the bed and everything has lines across it, until I walk forward away from the bed.