Experimental JSEngineNK 1.11.3

The interface was improved a little when starting the plugin
Added an argument to commands after Label that returns the command class of the command
Added a jar for Java15 version and higher!
(Use the corresponding jar with your version of java!)
Fixed the error that code errors did not appear in the Enable event
Fixed bug in Navigator API
Fetch API updated!
Info: https://github.com/Trollhunters501/Fetch-API-Nashorn/releases/tag/1.2
Fixed bug for some entity events
All Nukkit events added
The interface was minimally improved
Fixed an optimization bug
Many thanks to wode490390 for his EventsController plugin
Added PlayerDropItemEvent event
manager.createCommand function updated
What was added?
Permission, Usage and alias arguments were added to the function
More information in the plugin description

Update on the execution of the command function:
Now the Label is passed to the function that executes the command
More information in the plugin information

And it can also continue to be used even if no alias or permission is defined.
Like if Label in function to avoid incompatibility.
Polyfills were added:



Added event PlayerFormRespondedEvent
Many Polyfills, Libraries, etc. are added.
Promises, etc. You can see most of them in the implemented libraries in the description
In addition, the loading of Libraries by URL to another function was eliminated so that it works through Maven
More information in the plugin description!
Performance Improvements!
17 New events were added! (see https://github.com/Trollhunters501/JSEngineNK/blob/master/Events Soported/Events.md)
In the /ver command for the scripts it was changed to now see the information of a script is /ver script <name> or /version script <name>
Added information about the Manager function! (see https://github.com/Trollhunters501/JSEngineNK/blob/master/Manager info/ManagerFunc.md)
And most of the plugin was rewritten for better performance!
New Plugin Logo!
Performance improvements!
Event functions are now registered when the event is executed!
Now checking if there is any matching JavaScript registered event before executing the function