Experimental JSEngineNK 1.12.5

Performance Improvements!
17 New events were added! (see https://github.com/Trollhunters501/JSEngineNK/blob/master/Events Soported/Events.md)
In the /ver command for the scripts it was changed to now see the information of a script is /ver script <name> or /version script <name>
Added information about the Manager function! (see https://github.com/Trollhunters501/JSEngineNK/blob/master/Manager info/ManagerFunc.md)
And most of the plugin was rewritten for better performance!
New Plugin Logo!
Performance improvements!
Event functions are now registered when the event is executed!
Now checking if there is any matching JavaScript registered event before executing the function
Fixed a critical bug
API improvements!
Added Navigator JavaScript API
Fetch improvements
This update has many improvements!
Bug fixes!
Fixed EntityRespawnEvent event bug
The required API.js file is no longer needed for the API to work!(I recommend deleting the file)
JavaScript improvements with polyfills!
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Bug fixes and design improvements
Added require API.js by default
bug fix,
The Permission to execute the script command was set, the permission is the same as nukkit plugins,
Added PlayerServerSettingsRequestEvent event!
Added library import by URL (see Description)
Fixed bugs,
Added script variable to record scripts, events, etc. (See description),
Deleted event log by function use instead script.addEventListener(); (see the description),
polyfills added
Added Program Creadores Fetch API see https://github.com/Trollhunters501/Fetch-API-Nashorn
And much more! See the description for more info!