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A plugin that will show your server rules in UI form. This plugin was translated from PocketMine-MP (PHP). To open KygekRulesUI, simply type /rules in the chat.

  • Easy to use (you can set the title, content and button in the config.yml)
  • No need to restart, config will automatically get reloaded every time the `/rules` command gets executed!
  • Use {player} to display player name
  • Use § as formatting codes
  • Use \n to break into a new line
  • Change command description to suit your server
  • Supports command aliases
  • FormAPI plugin is not required
How to Install
  1. Download the latest version (It is recommended to always download the latest version for the best experience, except you're having compatibility issues).
  2. Put the KygekRulesUI.jar file into the plugins folder.
  3. Restart or start the server.
  4. Open the config.yml file in the plugins/KygekRulesUI folder and edit the title, content and button (NEVER TOUCH THE config-version!).
  5. Join the server and execute /rules command.
  6. Done!
Commands & Permissions

CommandDefault DescriptionPermissionDefault
/rulesServer rules in UI formkygekrulesui.rulestrue

Command description can be changed in config.yml. You can also add command aliases in config.yml.

Upcoming Features
  • Automatic plugin update checker on server startup
Additional Notes

KygekRulesUI plugin is made by KygekTeam and licensed under GPL-3.0.
  • Join our Discord server here for latest updates from KygekTeam.
  • If you found bugs or want to give suggestions, please visit here or join our Discord server.
  • We accept all contributions! If you want to contribute please make a pull request in here.
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Nice Plugin, i hope you can Code more Plugins for Nukkit.
Thanks for the review! Yes, I'll continue to translate all of my PocketMine-MP plugins to NukkitX.