1. Ree

    FormAPI example 1.0

  2. Ree

    FormAPI 1.0

    WaterdogPE form API Example use_fast_codec must be set to false
  3. terentev

    Experimental FormConstructor 1.1.2

    Introduction Library is designed to simplify the creation and handling of forms. It has a few key advantages over other form libraries: Forms are processed using a lambda, which is passed when the form itself is created, and not by catching events. For each button we can set a lambda...
  4. terentev

    Discontinued FormAPI 2.2

    Simple library for creating forms (MCBE Nukkit). SimpleForm SimpleForm form = new SimpleForm("Test simple form") .setContent("Sample text") .addButton("Just a button") .addButton("Button with diamond", ImageType.PATH, "textures/items/diamond"); form.send(player, (targetPlayer...
  5. KygekDev

    KygekRulesUI 1.2.0

    A plugin that will show your server rules in UI form. This plugin was translated from PocketMine-MP (PHP). To open KygekRulesUI, simply type /rules in the chat. Features Easy to use (you can set the title, content and button in the config.yml) No need to restart, config will automatically get...
  6. DenzelCode

    2.0 UIFormAPI 1.0.0

    FormAPI The best form API provider for Nukkit Cloudburst. What's FormAPI? FormAPI is an API that provides you everything that you need to enhance your plugins with the forms system implemented on Nukkit. Download Download the latest JAR:
  7. ArnyFour

    How open new form? FormAPI

    Hello everyone! I want open new form(CustomForm) on button click from old form(SimpleForm). How do it? I'm using THIS API.
  8. iAtomPlaza

    FormAPI 1.0.1

    Keep track of form sending from multiple plugins... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Its quite the hassle maintaining and saving the ids from every form in all of your plugins. This plugin, when...
  9. C1oky

    FormAPI 2.1-SNAPSHOT

    # FormAPI | NukkitX Simple API for creating forms (MCBE Nukkit) Usage example: SimpleForm: SimpleForm form = new SimpleForm("Test form") .setContent("Some kind of test text should be written here.") .addButton("Button") .addButton("Button with a picture", ImageType.PATH...