LoveDisguise v1.1

Needs perms and then it will be a 5 star, other than that it works fine. lol.
Works... without any MobAI plugin. Very buggy disguises when used with MobPlugin
OMG this is so funny and a great alternative too a vanish plugin lol!!!!
please update new version plugin work on new nukkit!
nice plugin 5 stars on permissions support.
Can you please tell me the permission nodes thank you
I didnt put permissions in it.. I forgot.. xD Ill add them in the next update in a couple days. c:
You should use the method hidePlayer instead of an effect
It uses p.hidePlayer(player);

But that does not hide the player model from the player using the disguise.
Only the other online players. So i used the potion effect so it doesnt show you standing inside the mob