LoveRTP v2.3

Is there any source code?
I need this for making small changes
Cool plugin and works perfectly fine! But is it Possible to RTP someone in another world, somewhat make this plugin work with multiworld
Very Uesful for my survival mini-game thanks for this plugin. :)
Is possible to teleport other players?
Ill think about adding that feature.
Great job.Can I share this plugin to the China Forum MCBBS? I think most Chinese people will like this.
Yeah, You can share it. c:
Works great! Has some issues with EssentialsNK /back. Would it be possible to implement permissions?
Overall great, a much needed plugin for Nukkit. Thanks!
I forgot to add the name of the permission.. v2.1 will show it. As for the /back problem. I'm currently unable to fix that. To make this RTP plugin work right, I had to spawn the player under the map for half a second then find the highest block at that position to then teleport the player again. In other words, I use the command sender to preload the chunk. Ill keep looking for a fix, and ill get that update out as soon as it's fixed. Thank you for the review! c: