MurderMystery_Nukkit 1.3.3

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Adjust Watchdog, now the room will be closed forcibly if stuck for 10 seconds​
Some players did not reassign the target after the target died in the assassin mode​
Command enumeration​
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Because of my mistake 1.3.1 version has a serious bug, please update to this version
Optimize bow durability​
Items cannot be picked up in the game​
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Assassin mode now generates gold ingots​
Infection mode will now generate gold ingots​
Adjust the infection mode gameplay​
Now the detective no longer has infinite arrows. Instead, he gets 16 arrows at the start. In the game, 10 gold ingots are automatically exchanged for 16 arrows.​
Allow the killer to use the scanner​
UiShop extension will display the price in the second line of the button​
Prompt twice when exiting the room​
After adding gold ingot spawning points when setting up the room, it will skip to the next step​
Victory settlement status can be attacked​
[+] Now need to depend on: MemoriesOfTime-GameCore
[~] Fix known bugs
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[~]Fix the problem that the block cannot be destroyed even after exiting the room
[+]Add command whitelist
fixed some bugs
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[~] The function of automatically updating language files is disabled by default
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[+] Added assassin game mode
[+]Add createroom command
[+]Add setroom command
[+] Added gold ingot pickup sound effect
[+] Added bow and arrow swap sound effects
[+] Docking with RsNPCX to add variable for the number of people in the room (only available for RsNpcX 1.3.0 and above)
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberAll} The number of players in all rooms
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberclassic} The number of players in the classic mode room
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberinfected} The number of players in the infected room
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberassassin} The number of players in the assassin mode room
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberdouble} Double the number of players in the room
[~] Optimize the sound effect of the game countdown
[~]Identity allocation adjusted to 20 seconds after the start of the game
[~] Room status now uses enumeration
[~] Player identities now use enumeration
[~] Set the number of people in the room and merge it into the set more parameter menu
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[+] Game start title countdown
[+] Map backup and restore mechanism
[+] Automatic generation of temporary room mechanism (this can guarantee at least one free room)
[~] Rewrite the listener structure (to facilitate the development of extensions to add new models)
[~] Optimized to randomly join the room
[+] Watching function
[+] GUI interface for setting the number of people in the room
[+] Automatic language selection (automatically switch according to client language)
[+] Custom room name function
[+] 游戏开始标题倒计时
[+] 地图备份与还原机制
[+] 自动生成临时房间机制(这可以保证至少有一个空闲房间)
[~] 重写监听器结构(方便开发扩展加入新模式)
[~] 优化随机加入房间
[+] 观战功能
[+] 设置房间人数的GUI界面
[+] 自动选择语言(根据客户端语言自动切换)
[+] 自定义房间名称功能