MurderMystery_Nukkit 1.2.1

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[~]Fix the problem that the block cannot be destroyed even after exiting the room
[+]Add command whitelist
fixed some bugs
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[~] The function of automatically updating language files is disabled by default
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[+] Added assassin game mode
[+]Add createroom command
[+]Add setroom command
[+] Added gold ingot pickup sound effect
[+] Added bow and arrow swap sound effects
[+] Docking with RsNPCX to add variable for the number of people in the room (only available for RsNpcX 1.3.0 and above)
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberAll} The number of players in all rooms
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberclassic} The number of players in the classic mode room
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberinfected} The number of players in the infected room
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberassassin} The number of players in the assassin mode room
{MurderMysteryRoomPlayerNumberdouble} Double the number of players in the room
[~] Optimize the sound effect of the game countdown
[~]Identity allocation adjusted to 20 seconds after the start of the game
[~] Room status now uses enumeration
[~] Player identities now use enumeration
[~] Set the number of people in the room and merge it into the set more parameter menu
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[+] Game start title countdown
[+] Map backup and restore mechanism
[+] Automatic generation of temporary room mechanism (this can guarantee at least one free room)
[~] Rewrite the listener structure (to facilitate the development of extensions to add new models)
[~] Optimized to randomly join the room
[+] Watching function
[+] GUI interface for setting the number of people in the room
[+] Automatic language selection (automatically switch according to client language)
[+] Custom room name function
[+] 游戏开始标题倒计时
[+] 地图备份与还原机制
[+] 自动生成临时房间机制(这可以保证至少有一个空闲房间)
[~] 重写监听器结构(方便开发扩展加入新模式)
[~] 优化随机加入房间
[+] 观战功能
[+] 设置房间人数的GUI界面
[+] 自动选择语言(根据客户端语言自动切换)
[+] 自定义房间名称功能
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Add setminplayers command
Add setmaxplayers command
Fix the problem of task closing when unloading the room
Optimize the flying sword again (it should not be invalid now)
Restrict inventory operations in the game and prohibit opening boxes (players will not be able to put swords in boxes)
Add Vietnamese
Fix the problem of cleaning up the map falling objects when the room is closed abnormally
The sound made by the deceased player cannot be heard by other players
Resurrection countdown added to infection mode
Fix uishop extension
Update needs to delete language folder
The room needs to reset the game mode

Specific updates need to see github
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Add Korean
Fix the problem of saving off-hand items in backpacks(offhandInventory)
Fixed an issue where items could be brought out of the room via Crafting Table
Fix error caused by asynchronous operation entity
Rewrite the Addons section
UiShop can now customize all displays through the configuration file
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No need to install Tips plugin now
You only need to install a ScoreboardAPI
(Just install one of them)
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