NuclearMusic 1.4.1

Compatible API Versions
The old NuclearMusic plugin by EaseCation working with latest NukkitX!

How to use this:
1. Download the plugin and put it to plugins folder
2. Put nbs files to /plugins/NuclearMusic/tracks
3. Start server and place a noteblock somewhere
4. Give yourself a diamond hoe with damage value 9999 using /give <player> diamond_hoe:9999
5. Tap the noteblock with the diamond hoe
6. Enjoy the music

You can easily create and convert songs using Note Block Studio
Here are some songs I have already converted from midi files:

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Latest updates

  1. Performance improvement

    Don't send packets to players who are not in range
  2. Added config file

    You can change volume, whether particles are used and whether the song is played at the note...
  3. NuclearMusic 1.3.0

    - Noteblocks are now saved on server restart - Song order is now randomized on load - Replaced...

Latest reviews

”You must set the noteblocks again after restart“ , It is suggested that the coordinates of the note box can be set through the configuration file, which is no longer required for restart.
I LOVE this plugin, but do you think you could add a permission instead of requiring op?
Excellent! Could you also leave us a list of songs that work? Tell would appreciate
May I use parts of the plugin for an own plugin on my server. Of course I would not give this version to anybody and would not make money with it, Rang Shop.
Best regards Redstoneking18
Works Great!

Would be cool if you could add option to skip to next song with like a command or trigger button. (Just a Suggestion)
This plugin is amazing, I can play my songs. But there are some bugs, The first one is that if a player broke the noteblock, It will continue playing.