- Config Browser will now list folders first, than files
- Added a button to the config browser to go to the previous folder (..)
- Window Identification now by ID instead of random color codes in the title
- Plugin Info Form will blend out unknown sections
- Commands from unloaded plugins will now be unshown to users, readded when plugin loaded again
- Plugins that depend on a disabled/unloaded plugin will now disable and reenable when the plugin is loaded again.
- Added permission "pluginmanager.admin" to access everything
- pm load does not require you to write the full file name. It now searches for a file starting with your input.
- You cannot load plugins twice anymore using pluginmanager.
- Fixed bug which allowed you to disable pluginmanager when its written in lowercase
- /pluginmanager [plugin] now shows the plugin ui. You dont have to browse every plugin in the /pm menu anymore. (Even though it is still possible) [You also dont have to write the full pluginname]
It was a little bit annoying to type "FastAsyncWorldEdit" everytime I wanted to unload it.
The UI also tells you the filename of the plugin. Very helpful if you compiled the plugin under a wrong name so you know which is the faulty file.

if(plugin == null) {
    for(Plugin pl : Server.getInstance().getPluginManager().getPlugins().values()) {
            plugin = pl;
Now pluginmanager detects commands if they are in one single class.
Plugin Reloading should now apply on all classes.
Now it works with every plugin I've tested.
1.0.0 does not unload the commands of some plugins. Thats now patched.
Changed the way pluginmanager detects the plugins jar for reloading to plugin name and jar name do not have to be the same.