SimpleScoreboards 2.4.0

Added an option to disable the scoreboard in certain worlds. Config update is required.

Notice: Nukkit can show this plugin's API version as incompatible but the plugin will still load. This plugin is for API version 1.0.11.
Updated KDR placeholders to show only 2 decimals
Updated money placeholder to show only 2 decimals
Some improvements
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Fix errors if KDR plugin not installed
Data from KDR plugin's API included as placeholders:

Updated to PlaceholderAPI 1.3 to fix some unworking placeholders and support with other plugins using PlaceholderAPI 1.3. Please remove old PlaceholderAPI and ScoreboardAPI jars to let the plugin redownload updated versions or update them manually.
Add factions placeholder (%factions_name%)
Fixed money placeholder
Add money placeholder back, it's now %economy_money%