SimpleScoreboards 2.4.0

don't working in nukkit #790
please fix this problem
I am big fan of your plugins. I use so many of your plugins. There isn't really anything to say, I really like this scoreboard plugin. It's customizeable and easy to use!
Really good plugin but would be great if it was possible to have per world scoreboard to show info relevant to each world!
good plugin, add the ability to disable good plugin, add the ability to disable scoreboard command /bar off/bar on
Love this, thanks!
For some reason plugin seemed to break when I added coordinates to the scoreboard and changed update to 10. But everything else I've tried works great!
Pls Luckperms Support
There is Luckperms support using the More Placeholders plugin
hi writer!I am 1137305770.
This is a great plugin
I want to post SimpleScoreboards into a Chinese MCBBS(


I have denied permission to upload any of my plugins there since people there were stealing my plugins without my permission
Really useful and musthave plugin, could you add an option to make multiple scoreboards. And be able to update the scoreboards between them?
An excellent plugin can you please enable &codes next update if possible thou?
Thanks! If you mean enabling & for color codes you can already do that using section sign (§) + color code like in vanilla.
good plugin, but how to to enable scoreboard updating from config if you use placeholders.
I went to the config section but found nothing
# How often scoreboard should be updated in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second)
# 0 = disabled, enable if you use placeholders
# With coordinates 10-20 recommended, with other placeholders 80-200
update: 0

Change the update delay to how often you want it to be updated.
I love this Plugin!!! But could you please add "%player_itemid_in_hand%? It would be perfect for a creativ server with WorldEdit! Thank you for the plugin
Thanks! For more placeholders you should contact the author of PlaceholderAPI because placeholders are provided by it.
Economy does not work.
That will be fixed soon in next version. Also please keep bug reports on issues page in github.
This version shows the Brock id or not.

Item ID
why not function:
<NAME> Player's name
<WORLD> World name
<PLAYERS> Number of players online
<MAXPLAYERS> Max amount of players
<PING> Player's ping
<MONEY> Money amount from EconomyAPI

even though I have installed the placeholders?
you didnt enable scoreboard updating?
Oh yeah finally, we hate that ScoreboardAPI. This plugin is insane!