SRegionProtector 30.0

Lots of stuff and fixes
Fixed wand item not working
Wand item now can be changed at the config.yml, see 'wand-item: "271:0" '
  • Fix YAML provider thread amount
  • Angry villager particle when flag activated
  • Copy flags command
  • Fix lang strings
  • Fix NPE
  • Fix explode block break status
  • Fix region size calculation
  • Fix member remove form member check
  • Add warning when flag disabled
  • Increase default save period to 6 minutes
  • Remove useless messages when enabling plugin
  • Fox form UI
  • New UI icons
  • Hide disabled & non displayed flags from chest UI
  • Fix lag while saving
Bucket fill & bucket empty flags
Default flag status: enabled
Default value for each region: enabled

Hide disabled flags from form UI

Frame item drop flag
Default value: enabled
Global value: enabled
New permission system
Now you can set max region amount and max region size for the regular players without creating new permissions (see Wiki)
Also, instead of creating new permissions in the config, now you can just give player group permission "sregionprotector.region.size.DESIRED_MAX_SIZE" and "sregionprotector.region.amount.DESIRED_MAX_AMOUNT"