TNTRun 2.3.3

I think this plug-in is very good, but the worst thing about this plug-in is that it can't reset the map. I hope the next version can update the map automatically after the game is over!(The translator is used here)
I like this plugin,but I hope it can saves the backpack.
It works well but how can I do so that users do not lose their things when leaving?
how to give the winner the money? i see the winner_command in the config but i dont know what to put in there, i tried "give {player}, %player%,etc. 1000 but nothing works. anyway, the plugin itself is good and its fun. :) but please answer my question.
Hello, author.

I want to move this plug-in to China's MC Forum

Can you see it?

Can you still do that for bungeecord? pls
Works as described. Thanks!
I hope the english is okay. Since I have to use google translator: D Actually speak German
I have recently TNTrun integrated on my server and unfortunately have a problem ...
If we play in pairs and lose one, he falls into the lava. The winner will be teleported to the lobby which I like. But the loser somehow does not die in the lava (let's say no)
And no matter if you die or not, you fall through the floor. I already have two holes in the lava that go through the bedrock.

I hope you understand my problem and can help me.

Lg DueKay
AMAZING Plugin. Had a small issue with lagg, but turning on "lite" mode fixed.
Seems good plugin,but doesn't reset tntrun map after a player wins.
This is a very cool plugin but what are the permissions for LuckPerms
There is only one permission: tntrun , and its just for the /tntrun command
Please give the source code.
Amazing update!!!!!!!.
Everything from PetteriM1 is amazing!, I like it, I hope if there is LITE version of this plugin available here.