TNTRun 2.3.7

Compatible API Versions
-- TNTRun --
- Configurable multi-layer arenas
- Editable messages
- Anti AFK
- Leap item
- Run commands as rewards
- Join signs
- Falling blocks

How to use:
- To create a new arena add a new .yml file to the arenas folder (see example from arena1.yml) and restart the server
- To join an arena create a sign with TNTRun on the first line, arena name on the second line and whatever you want on the other two lines (join signs feature must be enabled from the config) or use /tntrun join <arena>
- To quit the arena use /tntrun quit

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This plugin is made for and is used on SuomiCraft PE server (
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Latest updates

  1. TNTRun 2.3.7

    - Distance between arena layers (layersDistance) can now be changed per arena in the arena...
  2. Update

    Improvements to the anti afk system and some bug fixes Notice that the old anti_afk_threshold...
  3. Update

    Bug fixes

Latest reviews

The game map will not reset automatically,But everything else is good。
I think this plug-in is very good, but the worst thing about this plug-in is that it can't reset the map. I hope the next version can update the map automatically after the game is over!(The translator is used here)
I like this plugin,but I hope it can saves the backpack.
It works well but how can I do so that users do not lose their things when leaving?
how to give the winner the money? i see the winner_command in the config but i dont know what to put in there, i tried "give {player}, %player%,etc. 1000 but nothing works. anyway, the plugin itself is good and its fun. :) but please answer my question.
Hello, author.

I want to move this plug-in to China's MC Forum

Can you see it?

Can you still do that for bungeecord? pls
Works as described. Thanks!
I hope the english is okay. Since I have to use google translator: D Actually speak German
I have recently TNTrun integrated on my server and unfortunately have a problem ...
If we play in pairs and lose one, he falls into the lava. The winner will be teleported to the lobby which I like. But the loser somehow does not die in the lava (let's say no)
And no matter if you die or not, you fall through the floor. I already have two holes in the lava that go through the bedrock.

I hope you understand my problem and can help me.

Lg DueKay
AMAZING Plugin. Had a small issue with lagg, but turning on "lite" mode fixed.