WorldEssentials 2.4.0

I thought it was very good but it would be nice if it has a cooldown for the inventory because the inventory is left in the previous world. (This is another not very important suggestion) And I would also like you to put typical Per World Inventory that one selects which worlds to reflect the inventory
all my stuff disappeared B( .
This plugin is great. I'm running multiworld and this plugin makes sure that the worlds stay set to the gamemode I want. Awesome! PeteriM1 makes great plugins and gives really good support! <3
Incredible! Honestly all it needs is a conversion tool which can convert old player info files to it's format!
A must have plugin for MultiWorld servers!
I have one suggestion: make potion effects to save for every world
theres no built in level tp command, when i use a different plugin to tp it does not even properly run inventory tracking code
Made all my players lose their inventory
You can add: adjust the players in the world to use the same inventory
I'm really sorry, because my English is so bad
Works perfect, thanks again!
Nice job Petteri! :)