1. Catrainbow

    NCPPanel 1.0.3

    This is an addon for NCP. needs NCP! Feature: - Custom Theme and Language - Custom Admin Command - Report System - Staff Channel broadcast Find nice and public theme at: The command...
  2. GuneyYilmaz

    StaffChat+ 1.0

    # StaffChatPlus plugin for Nukkit It allows admin players to send messages with a special symbol at the beginning, that can only be seen by other admin players. 1/21/2023 - Released version v1.0 - Default prefix: # Default config prefix: "#" format: "§5StaffChat§g+ §f%player% §7»...
  3. Josscoder

    UltimateTroll 1.0.0

  4. ItzDarkRX

    TeleportUI 1.0.0

    Information Teleport to any player on the server. Commands - /tpd - TeleportUI Permissions - tpd.use
  5. AntonPPDS

    Experimental AntiToolbox 1.0.0

    This plugin allows you to determine if a player joins the server with Toolbox (Android) and performs the actions specified in the config (kick, ban etc.) However, the chance of detection is not 100%, so don't rely on this too much. The plugin also provides a simple API as an event that can be...
  6. D

    WhitelistGuiNK 1.0.0

    WhitlistGuiNK is a simple Gui to manage the whitelist on your server. It has the ability to Enable/Disable the whitelist and the ability to add/remove a player from the whitelist. Dependencies: - permission to use the whitelistgui: - op -...
  7. Buddelbubi.

    WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) 1.2.0

    First of all I should show you all features: Teleport to another world World-Teleport-UI World-Generation UI generate new worlds (every generator and seed is possible) Delete a world list all worlds. Loaded and unloaded worlds load and unload and even reload worlds rename worlds...
  8. B

    Experimental MusicController 1.0

    NOTE: sorry for my english :с This plugin allows you to control sounds in players Permissions: default: op music.command.stop: default: op Commands: /music-start <song> <player> - starts the sound, if the additional argument <player> is specified, then the sound...
  9. B

    Experimental VoteKickOrBan 1.0.1

    NOTE: sorry for my english :с Permissions: vote: default: true vote.stop: default: true default: true vote.kick.fine: default: true vote.kick: default: true vote.ban: default: true Commands: /vote - to vote /vote help - show the list a commands /vote kickFine <player>...
  10. T

    CmdAs 1.0

    CmdAs is a plugin similar to /sudo I made this plugin for myself originally because it can be useful for trolling or even supporting guests. Usage: /cmdas <player> <cmd without slash> Permissions:
  11. T

    Advanced Welcome 0.1

    config.yml '#type examples': message title type: message message: - §l§3Welcome to your server - '§3website§c: §4' - line 3, you can add more lines title: §l§3Welcome to your server subtitle: '§3website§c: §4' image icon...
  12. T

    Protect World 0.1

    # Commands! - /pw help - /pw add <level_name> - /pw remove <level_name> - /pw <1/place> <level_name> - /pw <2/break> <level_name> - /pw <3/pvp> <level_name> - /pw <4/damage> <level_name> - /pw <5/flint> <level_name> ### config.json ```sh { "worlds": { "world": {...
  13. yequid

    yReports 1.0

    Flexible reporting system for your server. Of the benefits I can note: - You can not write reports on yourself - If the player is not on the server, the report will not be sent. - In order for the administrator to receive reports, you must give him the right: "yReports.get"
  14. B

    Experimental Universal Beta0.8

    Universal - Beta0.8 The fastest, most lightweight World Management System! (Found also on: Features: World Creation (Nether, Flat, and Normal) World Loading World Unloading List All Worlds NEW Set world spawn command NEW Customizable command...
  15. T

    Nukkit SSHD 0.2

    DISCLAIMER: Wackster did not originally develop this plugin, Wackster ported this plugin over from Bukkit, the original Plugin can be found here. Have you ever wished you could remotely access your server's admin console without having to setup a complex remote access system? Now you can with...
  16. BadDev

    Toolbox 0.9.0

    ToolBox NukkitX Essentials plugin developed by Baddev. Find the latest download on my Jenkins page. Features This plugin uses CreeperFace's Placeholder API. Custom join / leave messages Custom MOTD All kinds of placeholders Auto-broadcast Permissions Permission node - Description...
  17. TheLondiux

    Gamemode UI 1.0

    This is my first plugin, it's a simple plugin that helps administrators change their own game mode quickly with a form