1. GommeAWM

    AuctionHouse 1.1.2

    # Auction AuctionHouse | Minecraft Bedrock Edition | Nukkit --- Requirement: > * Download the `latest version` here: [LlamaEconomy] OR Download the `latest version` here: [EconomyAPI] > * Download the `latest version` here: [FakeInventories] --- Update: 26.05.2022 -> Now the AuctionPlugin...
  2. feanchy

    auction for nukkit!

    Hello everyone, could you make a plugin for the auction, or rather an analogue of this plugin -
  3. Leonidius

    Trading Commands 1.0.4

    Trading Commands lets you organize a convinient shop system. It adds commands for buying and selling items. Unlike a shop with the tables, players can use commands from any point in the world. How to set up? Make sure that EconomyAPI is installed. In order to add an item to the shop, use...