Trading Commands

Trading Commands 1.0.4

Compatible API Versions
1.0.0 — 1.0.5
Trading Commands lets you organize a convinient shop system. It adds commands for buying and selling items. Unlike a shop with the tables, players can use commands from any point in the world.

Check out my new shop plugin, Trading Interface, which is a shop system with graphical interface. I find this way of interaction with shop much more convenient than commands.

How to set up?
  • Make sure that EconomyAPI is installed.
  • In order to add an item to the shop, use /addbuyitem <id> <price for 1 item>. The plugin supports both number and string IDs.
  • In order to let your players to sell an item, use /addsellitem <id> <price for 1 item>.
  • If you want to delete an item from the shop, use /delbuyitem <id> or /delsellitem <id>.
  • To add a discount use /adddiscount <id> <percent>.
  • To remove a discount use /deldiscount <id>.
  • This commands are available from the console or from the game chat, if you have "trading.editshoplist" permission (op by default).
  • Lists of items update automaticaly after editing, so you don't need to reboot your server.
  • Read how to set up a configuration file on "Config" tab.
How to use?
  • In order to buy an item, use /buy <id> [amount]. If don't type [amount], you'll buy 1 item.
  • In order to sell an item, use /sell [id] [amount]. If don't type [amount], you'll sell 1 item. If you don't type neither [amount] nor [id], you'll sell items from your hands.
  • Use /buylist to check which items you can buy and to find out their prices and /selllist to check which items you can sell and their prices.
  • /id command shows you an ID of an item in your hands.
  • To start an auction, use /auc <id> <amount> <start price> or /auc <id> <start price> (all items with specified ID will be sold) or /auc <start price> (all items ftom your hands will be sold). You can specify the price of starting an auction in config.
  • In order to place a bet on the ongoing auction, use /bet <your_bid>.
Other functions
  • The plugin supports custom translations. In order to use your own language, set "general.languauge" option in the config to <your_lang>. The plugin will create <your_lang>.lng file. You have to translate the text in this file to your languauge.
  • The plugin supports short versions of commands. See "Commands" tab.
Commands list:
/buy <id> [amount]
/sell [id] [amount]
/addbuyitem <id> <price> (/abi <id> <price>)
/addsellitem <id> <price> (/asi <id> <price>)
/delbuyitem <id> (/dbi <id>)
/delsellitem <id> (/dsi <id)
/adddiscount <id> <%>
/deldiscount <id>
/buylist (/blist)
/selllist (/slist)
/auc <id> <amount> <start price>
(/auc <id> <start price>\
/auc <start price>)
/bet <your bid>
Configuration file:
All parameters in the configuration file are explained by comments.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.4 Update

    - Putting items with custom names on an auction is now prohibited to avoid scumming.
  2. 1.0.3 Update

    Fixed price calculation for items with discounts.
  3. Update 1.0.2

    - Fixed the bug with players' names in transactions logs.

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