Trading Interface — Shop GUI

Trading Interface — Shop GUI 2.0.0

Compatible API Versions
any (Nukkit 1.0)
Anders233 (Chinese translation)

Trading Interface is a shop system with graphical interface!

★ Buying and selling items & shop management through an intuitive interface;
★ Support for items with enchantments, custom names & lores;
★ The list of items, available for buying, is divided into categories for convenience;
★ Discounts for items, which expire after a set time;
★ Custom translations of items' names (for displaying in the shop).

• Make sure that EconomyAPI and DbLib are installed on your server;
• Place plugin's .jar file into "plugins" folder on your server;
• Launch the server and set up the plugin through the interface.

Setting up:
• Shop management functions are available for players with "shop.edit" permissions (operators have this permission by default).

Configuration file:
language — plugin's language. If "default", server's language will be used. If there is no translation in your language, a file called <language_code>.lng with strings in English will be created in the plugin's folder. You can translate them on your own.
edit-logging — if "true", all actions with the lists of buyable and sellable items and the list of custom names for items will be logged.
transaction-logging — if "true", all purchases and sales will be logged.
save-translation — if "true", a file called <language_code>.lng with all strings in the plugin's current language will be created in the plugin's folder. If there is no translation to the current language, all strings will be in English. You can edit these strings.

• To open up shop's main menu type /shop into the chat.

If the plugin is not translated into the language of your choosing, a file called <your_lang>.lng, where <your_lang> is the three-letter ID of your language, will be created in the plugin's data folder. It will contain text strings in the format of key: value, where key is the string's identifier and value is the string itself. Replace values in English with the values in your language, and these new strings will be used by the plugin. You can also start a pull request, placing <your_lang>.lng into src/main/resources/lang, and your translation may officially become a part of the plugin.

Reporting bugs:
If you come across a bug, please report it here or on GitHub.

Screenshot_2018-08-12-23-01-05.png Screenshot_2018-08-12-23-02-24.png Screenshot_2018-08-18-16-55-45.png Screenshot_2018-08-12-23-02-42.png Screenshot_2018-08-18-16-55-58.png Screenshot_2018-08-12-23-03-03.png Screenshot_2018-08-12-23-03-07.png Screenshot_2018-08-12-23-03-16.png Screenshot_2018-08-12-23-04-03.png
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4.18 star(s) 11 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Update 2.0.0

    WARNING! Please backup buyList.yml, sellList.yml and customItemNames.yml from the plugin's data...
  2. Update 1.0.3

    - Fixed the bug which allowed to receive free money by selecting an item to sell and dropping it...
  3. 1.0.2 Update

    - Fixed money not adding after selling an item.

Latest reviews

Crashes the server when adding an item. I guess this needs an update.
English: Luckperms support permission/rang buy German Luckperms support das man zubeispiel ränge oder permission kaufen kann
Best store plugin!!! Thanks for fixing the bug, amazing!
it is great! but I would still wish that you could also add categories when selling
Hey !
Your plugin is coool !
But can you do something for, when in sell menu, see the price of one selling ?
Yes, this is going to be implemented in version 2.0.0, which is coming soon
good plugin, do you can add sell item with lore and enchant , i know this is very hard, but i hope you can do it
Good Plugin for easy shopping. Just a suggestion don't take it to heart - It could be better if we can set multiple store with different names that has different items. With a combination of NPC or Slapper with commands it will be a dream come true.
Permission nodes?
BIG BUG: Plugin breaks for players with spaces in names, very big bug and needs to be fixed ASAP.
This is fixed now, isn't it?
Perfect plugin! Intuitive interface. Excellent job. Respect.

Most plugins do not support nicknames with spaces. And this is not a problem of plug-ins, but of the authors of such curves nicknames. Is it really so difficult to put an underscore instead of a space?