1. V

    Raspberry Pi Server: Bedrock World Import

    I'm trying to run a local server off of a Raspberry Pi using Nukkit. I am able to get the server running fine, but my issue is that I'd like to import a pre-existing bedrock world for this server to be running. I have tried putting the world folder into the worlds directory, along with changing...
  2. Trollhunters501

    BetterVanillaGenerator 1.2.2

    ⚠⚠ ATTENTION ⚠⚠ This plugin IS NOT MINE if it is yours you can claim it by sending me a message! This plugin was taken from Github for the purpose of making it known! Credits to wode490390 Better Vanilla Generator This plugin not only provides better terrain generators for Nukkit, you can also...
  3. R

    How could I convert BedrockSever1.18 world to Nukkit?

    I have create a MC server via BDS 1.18, some players has bulit their own buildings. I‘m going to use Nukkit instead of BedrockSever. I tried to use MCCTool Chest and WorldFix plugin, but it did'nt work. This is a photo of the world which i converted. Is there a method to convert comletely?
  4. DevPandaa

    ChatFilter 2.0.0

    Waterdog-Filter A chat filter to block what waterdog doesn't. Config Permissions
  5. davisepalmer

    Spawn Point Problems and Placing Certain Items

    Hello, I recently opened a NukkitX Server and have been playing around with a few of their features. My friends and I built a lobby to go with the server and set it up with the Portals Plugin. With this, everything worked fine except for spawn points, when I set world spawn on the lobby it did...
  6. B

    How to import/upload world to Bedrock Server?

    I've been trying to upload a world from my saves into my nukkit bedrock server but nothing has worked. I tried replacing the "world" file all together and it just brings me to a random seed. I been trying to resolve this problem for 4 days. Hope somebody can help me, thanks.
  7. SupremeMortal

    Nukkit 2.0 Alpha

    Nukkit 2.0 is now in alpha with support for blocks above ID 255 (old chunk format limitation), LevelDB support, faster chunk loading and a variety of other features that listed are below. This build is NOT intended to be used in production environments as there are still major bugs that could...
  8. SupremeMortal

    Experimental LevelDB Viewer 1.0.0

    A Java program that allows you to view and edit key-value entries in a LevelDB database which is used in the Minecraft Bedrock world format. How to run: Install Java 8 or above. Double click on the jar file and the GUI should pop up.