Factions 1.8.0

Factions just work fine but wont show chunk owners when changing territory in chat even its in config...can u do something to make it work again? Thanks :--)


Excellent pluggin, but can improve:
-they can make certain things work with permissions, for example the /claim command
-Announcement of when you enter to a territory
-Have multi-language function
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Excellent pluggin, is there any way that when you enter some territory you will be notified by title or by message the name of the faction?


Update what in it?
Add /f fly (explanation: A player can do /f fly only if he is in a faction and ONLY if he is in his faction claim if he will be hitted by an enemy or he leave the claim the fly will have to deactivate)

Add claim size configuration (add in the config that you can change the claim size)

Add /f force join (only who have the permission can do this command, and this command allows you to join a faction even if you have no invitation)

Add /f rename (to rename the faction)

Add in /f who command the amount of claims that a faction has

Fix /f bypass (all players see the message when a staffer use that command)

Add /f top (Explanation if a player kill another player the faction gets 5 points, and if a player dies the faction loses 5 points, you can change points earn and points lose in the config, and add an ftop hologram.)

I think this plugin can be the best with this feature, or create a premium version of this plugin with this feature and make it in sale, i think i will buy it.

Sorry for my bad english but is not but it's not my mother tongue

(and petteri if u need more explanations just reply to this message)


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please add a way to show the faction name in the tag along with the multichat and multiperm plugin

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