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PrisonMines 1.1


yauhyeah submitted a new resource:

PrisonMines - The classic prison mines plugin.

Video tutorial is on the way.

Depends on:
This plugin works alongside my prison ranks plugin you will need both of them.
Link to it:
Also need: PlaceholderAPI and KotlinLib.

/mine (open up menu to teleport to a mine)
/mine edit [permission: prisonmines.admin] (open the mine editor menu)
/mine settp <mine> [permission: prisonmines.admin] (set the teleport location of mine)
/mine reset <mine>...
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yauhyeah updated PrisonMines with a new update entry:

Fixed stuffs and added more config options

This update fixes placeholderapi support for mines.
Adds these config options:

- Prefix (add your own prefix to chat messages)
- interval between automatic resets (in seconds)
- whether to only replace air blocks when resetting
- Form messages

LuckyBlocks!! (optional)
Follow demo config to add your own rewards!
Add a sponge to your mine and break it!!
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Hello, can this be used as minigame or it configures the whole server? Already happened to me that a plugin set the whole server in adventure mode