SRegionProtector 30.0

Sergey_Dertan updated SRegionProtector with a new update entry:

Flag particle & fixes

  • Fix YAML provider thread amount
  • Angry villager particle when flag activated
  • Copy flags command
  • Fix lang strings
  • Fix NPE
  • Fix explode block break status
  • Fix region size calculation
  • Fix member remove form member check
  • Add warning when flag disabled
  • Increase default save period to 6 minutes
  • Remove useless messages when enabling plugin
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New Member
Update please for CORE: PM1E
Fixed > >

line: > 409-510

this.borderBlock = GlobalBlockPalette.getOrCreateRuntimeId(borderBlock.getId(), borderBlock.getDamage());
throw new IllegalArgumentException("Tried to get block runtime id for unsupported protocol version: " + protocol);
return getOrCreateRuntimeId(protocol, legacyId >> 4, legacyId & 0xf);