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EssentialsNK 1.9.2

Excellent plugin!

For the people that want to customize the messages:
Open the .jar with Winrar and edit the eng.ini. After your done editting the file, save it and update the archive and replace the old jar with the new one.
A must have plugin! Very useful for both players and moderators
I love it but the spawn from /spawn will reset everytime when im restarting the server
Only has a few of the Essentials or EssentialsX commands, no /nick or /god for example
All commands still work great! Cool plugin! I am glad this is being maintained actively
I really liked the plugin, nice commands, very usefull! When cooldowns will be implemented?
Great plugin, easy to use, and absolutely a must have.
This is great, thanks! I am able to use per-warp permissions by giving nodes like essentialsnk.warp.island to perm groups. Something peculiar about the setwarp process is that warps often revert and go to the coordinates in the same world, not remembering correct world to warp to.
Its great, but configurable messages would make it 10x better!
Perfect update !
good but /warp does work but chunks aren't loading sometimes. any plan how to fix it except having different spawspoint coords in each world?
whether I can use essentialsNK.warp. (name warp) so that players can go there.
Great plugin
But I wish I could add Custom message
Because There is something wrong with its display in Chinese
Please send a pull request on GitHub if there are issues with the languages.
You are able to edit the messages by opening the jar and changes the .ini file. This isn't optimal so I may fix it in the future.
Excellent plugin! Works lots better than the PocketMine version, especially /home which allows multiple world homes :)
Nice work!! Thank you!
Works fine
Great Plugin
Hey,I am a Chinese player.I hope Nukkit plugins can be popoular.
and I think this plugin is very useful
so I want to take it to ,which is the biggest forum about MineCraft in China.can you agree with me?
if you can , thanks very much!
Great plugin, works perfect.