LobbyNK 3.7.7

Compatible API Versions
1.0.7, 1.0.8, 1.0.9, 1.0.10, 1.0.11

LobbyNK is a strong and highly customizable Lobbysystem made by Buddelbubi.


Or contact me on discord: Buddelbubi#5018

Please do not post bugs or questions in the review section. Use the discussions tab or discord

If you got a message: LobbyNK got updated, but it isn't up for download, the update already got uploaded. But it didn't get approved yet. To get notificated follow this thread!

Story behild LobbyNK:

LobbyNK got developed for a single public server. It wasn't suppost to be public. But this server closed and I made LobbyNK public. At this time it wasn't that powerful like it is today.

But it was the only one Lobbysystem available for free. It grew very fast and alot of ideas were given to me. LobbyNK is community based.

But LobbyNK went down for nearly a year. Only a few copied were shared. I stopped developing because there were some troubles between me and the site owner...

But now, LobbyNK is back here and everyone of you can enjoy it



  • Lobby Compass
  • Cosmetics
  • Hide other players item
  • doublejump
  • jumppads
  • flymode
  • Player settings
  • chatsystem
  • Disable Weather
  • Disable Hunger
  • Bossbar text
  • scoreboard (Not supported in Nukkit 2.0)
  • optic changes like max healh, level...
  • Multiworld
  • Multiple Lobbies
  • Lobby Selector
  • set / freeze time / weather
  • Compass Commands (for example /transfer for synapse support)
  • join/quit messages + Join Title + Join rockets...
  • update notificator
  • Buildprotection
  • disable damage (PVP included)
  • extreamly customizable!!!

How to install LobbyNK?:

Just download the File "LobbyNK.jar" (LobbyNK-2-0.jar for Nukkit 2.0) and drop it in your plugins folder in your Server. Then reload or restart your Server if it is running.

If it is not, just start it. LobbyNK will generate every config file you need.

Commands / Permissions:

Like every good Lobbysystem, LobbyNK also does have commands to setup.
But the most configurations are in the config files. For that you need a permission plugin like MultiPass or LuckPerms


/build: Your players are prevented to build/break anything. You are as well. But you can go in build mode using /build. You can give others permissions to build using /build [user].
/build: lobbynk.build.own,
/build [user]: lobbynk.build.other

/lobby: This command is used to setup LobbyNK.
Use "/lobby set spawn" to set the servers spawnlocation.
Use "/lobby reload" to reload your configfiles :D
Use "/lobby set [loc1-8]" to set your locations where your players should be teleported when they're using the compass
Use "/lobby gen [amount]" to generate new slots in your compass. Dont generate to many. It will crash your client.
Use /lobby sync [worldtocopy] [worldtooverwrite] to copy the world and all locations to another world. Instead a world to overwrite, you can write "all" to sync all lobbyworlds with the world you want to copy.
Use "/lobby addlobbyserver (Servername) [Address꞉Port]" to add another Server in your lobbyselector
/lobby set: lobbynk.lobby.set
/lobby reload: lobbynk.reload
/lobby gen: lobbynk.generate
/lobby sync: lobbynk.sync
/lobby addlobbyserver: lobbynk.addlobbyserver

/spawn: This command is used to teleport you to the servers spawn location. It doesn't have a permission. Everyone can use it

/clearchat: Use this command to clear your chat - Permission: lobbynk.clearchat


Every permission of a cosmetic starts with "lobbynk.cosmetic." If a player should get permissions to every cosmetic, just give him the permission "lobbynk.cosmetic.*" You can add stuff to this permission. Give permissions for "lobbynk.cosmetic.diamond.*" to allow every diamond cosmetic. You can also add Gold, Iron, Leather and chainmail. Then you can add "helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots". For example: "lobbynk.cosmetic.leather.chestplate" will allow to equip the leather chestplate.
For these special items like elytra are permissions too: Just add skull, wither, zombie, player, creeper, dragon, shell or elytra to the main permission "lobbynk.cosmetic."
To see the Cosmetics option in your gadgetsmenu, you need the permission "lobbynk.gadgets.cosmetics" To see the material, you need "lobbynk.cosmetic.view.*"
Replace the * to your material like "diamond" or "other" or for "enchant"

To enchant your cosmetic, you also need the permission for the equipment. Its like "lobbynk.cosmetic.enchant.*" If your want your players to be able to enchant only helmets, give the permission "lobbynk.cosmetic.enchant.helmet". Same for chestplate, leggings and boots.

Walking particles:

Its easy: Just add "angry, bonemeal, bubble, explode, heart, redstone, ink, note, enchant or flame to "lobbynk.effect." For example: "lobbynk.effect.heart" will make a lovely trail made out of hearts behind you. Very romanic.. <3 If you want to give someone permissions to every Walking particle effect, just add the permission "lobbynk.effect.*"
To see the Cosmetics option in your gadgetsmenu, you need the permission "lobbynk.gadgets.walkingparticles"


There are also effects like Jump Boost, Speed etc... The main permission is "lobbynk.effect." There you can add speed, jumpboost, levitation, invisibilty, blindness, nausea and nightvision.
To see the Cosmetics option in your gadgetsmenu, you need the permission "lobbynk.gadgets.effects"


Now, LobbyNK got pets! To be able so see the Pets option, you need the permission "lobbynk.gadgets.pets". Every pet has its own permission. The permissin is "lobbynk.pet.[pet]". Replace [pet] with the pet you want. The available pets are listed in your language file. To get the pet settings gui (to change name and size) you need the permission "lobbynk.pet.settings". If you're using MobPlugin, disable it in your lobbyworlds!


To remove all of your cosmetics, particles and effects and pets you need the permission "lobbynk.remove"


LobbyNK has its own chat system. You shouldn't op your Admins. That would make them appear as owner. But lets get started with chat permissions: The main permission is "lobbynk." Dont give anyone "lobbynk.*" or he'll be able to do everything... Oh.. I talk to much... I think you're the owner. You should have "lobbynk.owner". Your administrators should have "lobbynk.admin", your moderators "lobbynk.moderator" etc... There are builder, supporter, youtuber, premium and custom1, custom2, custom3.
You can edit every chatformat in your chat.yml.


LobbyNK has other permissions I've to sum up.
One of them is "lobbynk.doublejump" or "lobbynk.fly" or even "lobbynk.forcefield" - Self explaining... isn't it?
Forcefield? Dont worry. It can't be abused. It will only prevent players to walk near to you. It wont do anything if you walk to them. Players with the forcefield permission also bypass another forcefield.
In the hidegui there is an option for "hide everyone except vip's". To be a vip, you need the permisson "lobbynk.vip". With this permission, you'll get the VIP hotbar.
To join full lobbies (if you enabled multilobby) you need the permission "lobbynk.fulllobby"

Since the 1.16 Update there is an option called "Allow Only Trusted Skins". Sadly its enabled by default. To make your skin trusted, you need the permission "lobbynk.trusted"

Special Items:

By default, players with the permission "lobbynk.vip" will get a VIP hotbar. This includes an Forcefield Item and an Silentlobby Item. By using the forcefielditem, you'll activate or deactivate your forcefield. But you need the permission "lobbynk.forcefield". By using the Silentlobby Item, you'll send to the next best VIP Lobby. Every VIP Lobby has its own permission. If your VIP Lobby is called "Lobby" the permission is "lobbynk.vip.Lobby".

VIP Lobbys:

VIP Lobbys are something special. You can only enter them with their permission or by other plugins. First of all you should know that a lobby gets registered if a 1. multilobby is enabled, 2. The world has a lobby spawn. A VIP Lobbyworld ALWAYS starts with "VIP-". For example: Your VIP Lobbyworld is called "VIP-Lobby" and the player has the permission "lobbynk.vip.Lobby", the VIP Lobby will appear as Lobby. Not as VIP-Lobby. But instead of a blue name, it is yellow. The Silentlobbyitem will chose the best VIP Lobby you've permissions to join. If you need help, ask me


Additional informations:

ServerCommunicator: ServerCommunicator is my other plugin. It let you transfer data to other servers without a database. Using ServerCommunicator you can add playercounters in you compass or lobbyselector for lobbyservers. Its a good way to get the best expericene for your players.
FriendSystem: LobbyNK supports FriendSystem. If the plugin is installed, LobbyNK will detect it and adds a new setting in your playersettings. You also can add a Head in your hotbar.yml to open the friends gui.


Download the plugin, put it in the plugins folder of your server, reload or restart it :D
Now you should start with the ingame setup: Join your server. Now set your spawn location with "/lobby set spawn". LobbyNK supports unlimited games in your compass. Use "/lobby gen 10" to generate 10 compassslots. LobbyNK generates 8 by default. To set your game locations, do "/lobby set loc1", "/lobby set loc2" ... You don't have to do this if you want your players to switch the server via the compass.
If you're done, go in your serverfolder\plugins\LobbyNK and open "config.yml"
Here you might change the basic settings. I think the options are self explaining if you're seeing them.
If you prefer commands like /transfer instead of teleporting, go in "compasscommands.yml"
It would be self explaining too..
In "images.yml" you put the texturepath of the texture that should be show in your compass. You get all textures in the default pack.
You can also use images from URL's.
Just change "Slot#.mode" form "path" to "url" and replace your "Slot#" to your image url. But I recommend using "path". Its loading immediately. URL's takes hours.. But it is possible.

Ah, The default languagefile is english.yml. But there is a german file too. But I would rather to edit them. I don't think you want the bossbar saying "You can change this in english.yml"

Now your Lobby is ready to go :D
If you want Jumppads, just place an emeraldblock (changeable in config) and on top of it an random block. Now you made a jumppad.
But you should check out the other config files

If you're using a proxy:
Synapse, you can use the build in /transfer command and add it to your compasscommands.yml. If you're using WaterDog, it is a little bit different.
Instead of adding you /server command, you've to add bungee[servername] to your compasscommands.yml. If you want to add a LobbyServer to your LobbySelector, do
/lobby addlobbyserver [Servername] bungee[servername]

Btw: Please read the plugin updates. There is some useful information you wont get in this plugin description

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4.70 star(s) 50 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Scoreboard Rework and other Bugfixes

    - Reworked the entire Scoreboard System because it was such a mess. Now it is working again...
  2. Loading Fix

    Fixed the loading time!
  3. Update Server Down

    The Update Check Server went down. So your server may take a while to start up. I'll patch it...

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Very Nice plugin Good work !!! But I have a problem with the welcome message. It always shows "null" how can I fix this? Or what could be the cause?
Could you open a direct message and send me your language file?
Do you know if there is a problem with the LobbyNK plugin? Today I was testing and it does not start correctly, it takes too long and when it starts and you enter the server, you vote for many errors, this is not normal, the plugin was never like that, it always ran well.
Uh.. My update Check Server went down. Thats why. I try to patch it.. My new pc dont accept the sourcecode as expected. So it may take a while..
Im sorry
Super Plugin! Aber wie kann ich einstellen, dass das Lobbyinventar nur in der Lobby ist und nicht z.B. auf der Welt CB?
Mach multilobby und multiworld und multiworldsaveinventory auf true
Too late to return to the lobby. It takes about 20 seconds and it's not pleasant.
It is also better to respawn at the spawn of the same world when we die instead of returning to the lobby
Es ist ein sehr gutes Plugin ich habe aber eine Frage. Wo kann ich das einstellen das die Lobby Items nur in der Lobby sind das Heu.t wennschon in einer anderen Welt gehe die Items weg sind
By far the best the best lobby plugin - nice one!

Soooo much customisablity
hey an sich ist das ein cooles plugin aber ich finde es sollte noch besser gemacht werden wenn man z.b pets hat bewegen die sich niht und werden nur komisch hinterhergezogen :/ wäre ganz coool wenn du das verbessern könntest
Der Nukkit API fehlt die .follow Funktion. Bukkit und Spigot haben diese.
Best Lobby plugin ever!
There isn't even a paid plugin, which is as good as this one!
thank you :D
I love this plugin! Good job! I think it was the old lobby system from the elysium server. Can you make a plugin witch wich the users can make own UI,s? Sorry for my bad englisch im German.