LobbyNK 3.7.13

Changes v3.7.13:
Added russian.yml lang file,
Lost source code and decompiled my own code...
Changed Pet Movement so it wont look that buggy. Now every pet can fly
Changed the default level from 2020 to 2022..

I didnt update LobbyNK for 7 months...
Since nukkit updated json library, powenukkit didn't... I thought powernukkit would move to. But since then nothing happened.
So I removed JSON entirely and moved back to my lovely ConfigNK class...

In addition I also added the ability to disable commands in a world. But please dont look at the code for that xd
Its terrible and I will change it.
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The nukkit api 1.0.13 broke lobbynk... Changed the imports.
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Now you can use a second line in the compass. Just do %n to go in the next line. (requested)

Also patched Unable to Join Bug for Powernukkit. (It calls the PlayerRespawnEvent too early)
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Now WaterDogPe works
- Reworked the entire Scoreboard System because it was such a mess. Now it is working again

Also patched some other stuff.

Some ram-using approvings

LobbyNK is ready for production again!
Fixed the loading time!
The Update Check Server went down.

So your server may take a while to start up.
I'll patch it as soon as possible.

No error messages on player quit anymore
alwaysspawn on false mode works now
Changes v2.7.4:
Added Piglin Pet
Added Hoglin Pet
Added Zoglin Pet
Added Strider Pet