LobbyNK 3.7.5

No error messages on player quit anymore
alwaysspawn on false mode works now
Changes v2.7.4:
Added Piglin Pet
Added Hoglin Pet
Added Zoglin Pet
Added Strider Pet
Updated FriendSystem comp.
Sorry, I upladed the wrong file xd
Changes v3.7.2:
Added Device Displays
Patched Scoreboard Crash
Changes v3.7.1:
Added Corrupted Files Notifier #2
Scoreboard Bug should now be fixed.
Now, LobbyNK takes the message from the language file of his Language set in his Setting (Clientsettings)
If the file doesn't exist, he'll get the default language set in your config.

Added %player support for the scoreboard

If you get an error from any message, contact me. Maybe I forgot to change sth.
Now you can enchant your cosmetic.
Also implemented code for netherite cosmetic. (Not available yet bc Nukkit doesn't have them)
And Players with the permission lobbynk.trusted have now trusted skins (Since 1.16 you wont see custom skins by default.)

Changes v3.6.9
Get the friend command from the FriendSystem Config
Added aliases to /lobby.
Added trusted skins
Added enchantments
Added Note Walkingparticles
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Changes v3.6.8
Patched NonMovement for flying pets
Patched non Removed Pets on reload/stop if multiworld was disabled
Added feature to edit lobby selector pictures
Fixed german language file
patched unblocked interact event bug
Changed default config generation for config.yml
Improved "alwaysspawn"
Added support for FriendSystem (Requies Friendsystem by Mundschutziii)

Added a notifier for orrupted configs. Some configs may be broken after updateing to 3.6.6