LobbyNK 3.7.12

+ User Settings now have pictures
+ New User Setting: Forcefield (Permission: lobbynk.forcefield)
Forcefield can't be abused! It will only kick players off when they're walking to you. Not if you walk to them.
+ Bugfix: Playersetting "Jumppad disable" wasn't working. Not it is ;D

+ New port to Nukkit 2.0 -> DOWNLOAD (Please keep in mind: Scoreboards still not working in Nukkit 2.0, bStats also not working)
+ VIP Lobbys. You can only join them when you have the permission "lobbynk.lobby.[name]". A VIP Lobbyworld has to start with VIP- (VIP-Lobbyworld for lobbynk.lobby.Lobbyworld). VIP Lobbies will be shown yellow (changeable in your config) in your LobbySelector
+ added configuration "multilobby-useallworlds" to use every world as a lobby.
+Redesigned LobbySelector: Full lobbies will have a red dye. Not full lobbies will have a lime dye. The lobby you're in has a head.
+ new Command: /lobby sync [world] [world_to_sync / all]. This will copy your world and all locations to the chosen world. All will sync all worlds with the world you want to sync.
If you want to automate a process to create and delete a Lobby, There is an API:
de.buddelbubi.api.SyncLobby.sync(worldToCopy, worldToGetOverwritten);
+Flymode :D (permission: lobbynk.fly)
+ PlayerSettings: Your players can enable and deactivate DoubleJump, Fly, Jumppads for themself.
+ Bugfixes
+ MultiLobby!!! Now you can enable "multilobby" in your config. You also can change the max players per lobby. If a lobby is full and a new User joins, he'll get in the second lobby. But if every lobby is full, he can't join. To join full servers, you need the permission "lobbynk.fulllobby". In your hotbar.yml is a option called LobbyItem. By default its a nether star. Add it to one of the slots. If you click with it, a lobby selector will open.

+ Removed 8 Slot Compass Slot limit!! By default, it still generates only 8 slots. But you can generate new slots with /lobby gen [amount]. For this you need the permission "lobbynk.generate"
Now, The error that inventories gets wiped if the server stopps and someone were in your lobbyworld is patched!
+ small code improvements
Now there're new options in your images.yml:
Slot1.mode: path
Slot2.mode: path
Slot3.mode: path
Slot4.mode: path
Slot5.mode: path
Slot6.mode: path
Slot7.mode: path
Slot8.mode: path
You can change it to "url". But then you should replace your texture paths with your urls.
Path is still recomended because is loads faster than urls.

Now if you use the "Remove all Gadgets" button, you wont get anymore the message "You selectet Remove all".
Now you can change this message in your languagefile

Also fixed: "doublejump sometimes breaks farmland".

Thank you for using LobbyNK :D
Now you dont have to remove all gadgets. Now you can remove single gadgets :D But you still need the permission "lobbynk.remove" (User request)

Also fixed permission mistakes for iron armor gadgets :D

+ added bStats
Hotbar.yml 2.0 is here! Im sorry, your old one wont work anymore... But this will prevent confusions..
Slot#.damage got remove. Now the You're able to add SubID's to Slot#.Item (160:8 for grey glass panes)

Also changed the player hider. There is now a GUI! Now ther is a "Hide everyone except vips" option. To be an vip you need the permission "lobbynk.vip"

I also added a feature to save inventories. It's disabled by default for multiworld Munigames Servers. But Survivalservers should activate it in your config.yml. But still not completed! If your players logs aout in your lobbyworld and the server stopps, the save will be deleted.
IMPORTANT: wipe your items.yml and generate a new one

LobbyNK wont get its images from HTTP Links. Now LobbyNK will get the images from your resourcepack. The images are now loading very immediately! If you want custom images, you need to make a server resourcepack. To get image files, get the default resourcepack.
items.yml is now filled with texture examples.
Slot8: textures/items/nether_star.png
+ new permissions:
New Sounds added: Hotbar scrolling, teleport, player hiding, compass, gadgets menu.
You can disable them in your config file:
soundeffects: true
Code reduced!!
Bossbar not appearing on join bug fixed!
Broken compasscomand slots fixed!
Fixed Gadgetsmenu
New configurations in "hotbar.yml"
CompassItem: 345
HidePlayerItem: 369
GadgetsItem: 54
+ Also fixed /build (player).
+ When you enter buildmode, your inventory will be cleared, If you leave the buildmode, you'll get back your Lobby hotbar.
+ Performance improvements in PlayerInteractEvent
+ removed some doubled code
+ fixed doubled bossbar