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Already installed on over 3000 servers! :)
Player Analytics is the ultimate server staff tool to monitor how players are playing your server.
A built in webserver displays insights into different aspects on the server such as Online activity, Playerbase and how these change over time.

Plan supports multiple different platforms and versions;
Nukkit, Spigot, Paper, Sponge, SpongeForge, Bungeecord, Velocity, Cauldron & all derivatives - One jar for all platforms.

This is a Nukkit port of the Spigot version of the plugin - please report any issues you might have.

Requires Java 11 or newer - if you can't update to Java 11 use 5.4 build 1722 version

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Nukkit Set-Up
Set up is done the same way as other server platforms.

After setting up Plan on a server you should consider

securing the web pages with login / https

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Latest reviews

This is the best plugin on whole CloudBurst, because it's so useful! You can inspect lots of statistics about your server and players. Thanks for this great plugin!
One of the best plugins on nukkitx. It's easy to set up and works fine. It's a great tool for server owners :)
This has been the best plugin on my server, by far, it's amazing! It has saved me in dire times and has never let me down! A MUST-HAVE plugin, in my eyes.
Easy to set up, incredible plugin if you want to analyse your server!