SimpleCrates v1.0.2

Great plugin. Needs support for enchanting pass the vanilla limit.
Good plugin, all works well pls add mysql then i give 5 stars
Add a new update which will add particles around the crates please, with it there'll be no longer anything I could ask for.
Der setblock command spinnt etwas aber sonst ok. Wenn dieser Fehler behoben wird gibt es 5 sterne
It is even possible to use different crates (filled with different Items) with one type of Key
I started 3 crates, named "Material" , "MaterialHOLZ" and "MaterialSTEIN".
Put different types of wood, leaves and saplings in the "MaterialHOLZ".
Put diferrent types of stone (from fw, nether and end) in the "MaterialSTEIN".
and changed in the 'config.yml' the Key to "Material" at the two other crates.

A nice way to let the player decide, what he needs more.
[Sorry, german thoughts in english words]
The /crate addcmd - addcmdplayer commands do not work
Fixed in version 1.0.2
Still cant figure out how to get the shop to give a key to the players. Im using trading interface. you add items based on item ID. Is there a way to maybe have a second shop that uses commands?
Nice, but needs more active development.
Bug when reloging having the key, makes the key unusable.
Now you've fix that problem, you deserve your 5 stars =D
This plugin is excellent ! But there is a way to remove the spam when you don't have the key ?
Fixed in version 1.0
Is possible to put the commands in the addition of the chance?
Added in version 1.0
Bug givekey
Can you send me a message or something and be more specific?
Really like this plugin! Is there a way we can customize percentage chance of receiving specific reward items? Kinda like a csgo crate?
That is a planned feature, I am just working out the best way to do that.
Great plugin, can I share it with the Chinese forum MCBBS? I want more people to discover it.