SpleefNK 1.2

[+] added an /spleef leave cmd
[+] Fixed bug that you cant win a game
New language added
[+] added simplified chinese (I think its called that)
[+] bug fixes

Thanks again to Lt_name for translating the plugin.
[+] You can now change the messages in the en_US.yml config

If you want to translate the plugin you can dm the translations on discord (hungerfan55#2523) or make a PR on github github.com/hungerfan55/spleefNK
[+] added GUIs for /spleef enable and disable
[+]I think i added some GUIs for some other things but i cant be botherd to check

Fixed bowspleef not regenerating the arena back
[+] Added FormGUI for /spleef join (You can still /spleef join <arenaName>)
[+] Added /spleef edit <arenaName>. You can reset the spawnlocation and minumum and maximum players
[+] Added /spleef remove <arenaName>. pretty straight forward it just deletes the arena
[+] Added minum and maximum players for an arena. To add them to a exsisting arena do /spleef edit
Alot of bug fixes and probaly some stuff i forgot
Added bowspleef:

do /bowSpleef to enable or disable bow spleef from an arena