1. Cownex

    TeamChat 1.0.2

    TeamChat by Cownex is a Simple TeamChat Plugin! Commands /tc login Login to Team Chat /tc logout Logout from Team Chat /tc [message] Send a Message to Team Chat tc.write Questions? Contact me on Discord: Cownex#0001
  2. DataLion_

    WDStaffChat 1.0.1

    This is a staff chat plugin to communicate with other staffs between servers.
  3. WinnerWinnerTen

    [CHAT] AdodvChat - Global and Local chat for survival servers 1.0

    AdodvChat - Global and Local chat for survival servers | Description >> The plugin is a chat divided into local and global. In the config, you can configure: the global chat symbol, messages for local and global chat (syntax), the radius of the local chat, the inclusion of local or global...
  4. sommerKaktus05

    SPY-Command 1.1.2

    DEUTSCH: Dies ist ein kleines Plugin mit dem man sehen kann, wenn ein Spieler einen Command ausführt. Mit der Konfigurationsdatei "config.yml" kann man alle Nachrichten bearbeiten und speichern! Wenn man die Rechte command.spy hat, kann man den Command /spy ausführen, wodurch man dann jedes...
  5. PetteriM1

    LightChat 1.1.0

    LightChat - Chat Formatting LightChat is a lightweight but feature packed chat formatting plugin that includes PlaceholderAPI support and various anti spam tools Features Per group chat and display name formatting Supports both LuckPerms and Multipass PlaceholderAPI is supported but not...
  6. ImDaBigBoss

    SuperChatRoom 1.4.1

    SuperChatRoom A simple chat room plugin that allows you to talk with friends privately! What this plugin does You are able to use /chatroom to create, join and quit rooms. But also to invite other players into your room! You can even use /shout to talk in the general chat as if you wern't in a...
  7. LlamaDevelopment

    LlamaChatGames 1.0.0

    LlamaChatGames Funny chat games with LlamaEconomy rewards Features: Scheduled random chat games 3 different types of chat games Start via command a random chat game Eeverything is editable How to install? Download the .jar file. Paste the file into your plugin folder. Start your server. And...
  8. VironLab

    Experimental MinecraftDiscordSyncPlugin

    Bukkit - Version BungeeCord - Version THIS IS A BETA VERSION ( Maybe some features are buggy ) IF YOU FIND ANY BUG PLEASE JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER AND REPORT THEM THERE ( DiscordInvite ) or use the github bug tracker ( Issues On Github ) For any requests, questions, support or ideas how to...
  9. YazdanPlug

    AntiSwear api 2.0 1.1

    plugin AntiSwear for nukkit(CloudburstMc) api 2.0 config.yml is not complete this completing in new update AntiSwear for api 1.0.11 =
  10. YazdanPlug

    AntiSwear 2.0

    Plugin AntiSwear for nukkit api 1.0.11 This plugin is not yet complete. I completing config.yml in new update in this version is swears Widely used. AntiSwear for nukkit 2.0 =
  11. Azura4k

    ProxChat 1.0

    A chat plugin for Minecraft servers which makes it so you and other players have to be within a certain vicinity of each other to use chat and communicate. You can configure its maximum vicinity radius in the config.
  12. Hungerfan55

    ChatEssentials 1.2.1

    features - customize able messages in the config -Fun and usefull commands Setup 1. Download the jar. 2. Put the jar in your plugins folder 3. reload/restart your server Usage: /chat : gives an overview of all commands in this plugin /mutechat : Mutes the chat so that only people with...
  13. Hungerfan55

    Masssay 1.0.0

    A simple plugin to force all onnline players into saying 1 message usage : /masssay <message> If you dont understand how or what the plugin does watch this video for a tutorial : (Not my video) Dm me on discord for help or to request plugins : hungerfan#2523 Commands: masssay permission.masssay
  14. H

    AllCapsNX 1.0.0

    This is a very basic plugin written for NukkitX servers to make all chats sent by players be set to ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  15. J

    Looking for a plugin that can broadcast clickable links

    I need a plugin that is capable of broadcasting clickable links in chat, and do it on a set interval.
  16. BestKotzi

    ChatClear System | German 1.0

    Hallo, mit diesem Plugin für die Nukkit Version 1.14 könnt ihr den Globalen Chat Löschen! Commands & Permissions /clearchat - command.clearchat /cc - command.clearchat
  17. B

    Experimental VoteKickOrBan 1.0.1

    NOTE: sorry for my english :с Permissions: vote: default: true vote.stop: default: true default: true vote.kick.fine: default: true vote.kick: default: true vote.ban: default: true Commands: /vote - to vote /vote help - show the list a commands /vote kickFine <player>...
  18. depascaldc

    Command-Aliases 1.0.0

    This plugin allows you to create command aliases for your server. Commands: - /alias <add/remove> <alias> [on add: command to be executed] - permission: command.alias # commandalias: 'command executed' hello: 'me says hello all :)' # you can use split words too ask hru: 'me ask how are...
  19. depascaldc

    Simply DisableDeathMSGs 1.0.0

    Simply paste this in your plugins folder and the Player Death messages will be disabled.
  20. depascaldc

    SimpleNicknamePlugin 1.0.0

    This is a simpe nickname Plugin to manage displaynames of players The permission for players to manage their nicks is nickname.nick op's can change others nickname Commands: - /nickname (new nickname) - /nick (new nickname) For OP's - /nickname (player) (nickname) - /nick (player) (nickname)...