1. pinkuth

    Maintenance 1.2.0

    Maintenance: Maintenance is a maintenance plugin available to use in WaterdogPE proxy servers. Commands: - /mtn <on|off> [server] Permissions: - maintenance.change
  2. Abled Gaming564

    I want to know plugins that every server should have. And do PocketMine plugins work with Nukkit?

    I have created a Nukkit server and now I am looking for plugins so, can you tell me plugins that you think every server should have? And I also want to know that does PocketMine plugins work with Nukkit Servers?
  3. Abled Gaming564

    How can I create normal Worlds

    Hello, I have created Dedicated Bedrock Server but left it because it does not have plugins support then I created PocketMine Server and left it because it does not have skin support and now I have created Nukkit Server but every time I create a world it just gives me a world with a spawn in...
  4. Denic

    How to create a basic plugin [part 4]

    INTRODUCTION In this tutorial we will be extending the 3 previous tutorials. This tutorial will be mainly focused on applying the knowledge you've learned thus far to make a functional AND useful plugin. We will be recreating my Hud Plugin in this tutorial.The Javadocs will be referred to a lot...
  5. K

    Unable to get plugins working

    I am running a VPS on Ubuntu 16.04, when I start the Server everything works fine and I can connect. I am now trying to add the MobPlugin, I downloaded the jar file and extracted it to my plugins folder. I then stopped the server, restarted it and got this output: 15:56:19 [INFO ] Loading...
  6. L

    Adjust Permissions

    I have a multiworld plugin where you need OP permissions in order to teleport to different worlds. I want all my players to be able to teleport between worlds, but there is no config file that came with the plugin. Is there any way to do this? In case you were wondering, the plugin is this one.
  7. M

    Random Spawnpoint 3.0.0

    This plugin randomly spawns players at different spawn positions within a pre-defined radius When they respawn. The radius can be defined by the Owner in the config.yml file Unless they slept in a bed, which means they will be teleported to their bed when they respawn. There is no command or...
  8. PetteriM1

    Experimental Pokkit 0.11.1

    This plugin is still in development. Please report bugs here: and remember to include full stack trace in case of an error! For Bukkit/Spigot 1.13.2 compatible plugins. Pokkit allows you to run some Minecraft Java edition plugins written for...