1. DerInKompetenter

    LuckPerms & WaterdogPE

    How can I set up LuckPerms for my proxy server... and connect to MySQL`??
  2. pinkuth

    Maintenance 1.2.0

    Maintenance: Maintenance is a maintenance plugin available to use in WaterdogPE proxy servers. Commands: - /mtn <on|off> [server] Permissions: - maintenance.change
  3. I

    Experimental PlayerBalancer 2021-08-04

    PlayerBalancer plugin for WaterdogPE
  4. 超级拉普达

    How to use WaterdogPE for transfer?

    Does nukkit have plugins that support waterdogpetransfer ? Transder like a menu and NPC
  5. DevPandaa

    ChatFilter 2.0.0

    Waterdog-Filter A chat filter to block what waterdog doesn't. Config Permissions
  6. F

    Experimental Lobby Balancer 1.0-SNAPSHOT

    Waterdog-LobbyBalancer WaterdogPE plugin for balancing lobbies Lobby servers are gathered from the WaterdogPE config with the lobby prefix. By default, this is lobby. With the default configuration, lobby1, lobby2, and lobby3 would be detected as lobby servers, but game1 or game2 would not. You...
  7. V

    ProxyBroadcast 1.0.0

    ProxyBroadcast is a Plugin for the WaterdogPE Proxy, to send a message to all online players on the proxy. Command: /broadcast Message Permission: broadcast.command You can also customize Message, Prefix and Command Settings in the Config.
  8. F

    Experimental Cross server DMs 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT

    A simple plugin for WaterdogPE that adds /msg and /r cross server.
  9. F

    Experimental PurePerms Waterdog Integration 2021-05-21

    Read-only permission provider that hooks into an existing PurePerms database. PurePerms has a terrible database structure and doesn't use UUIDs for their database, meaning if someone changes their username, they'll loose their permissions. I wouldn't recommend using this in production, but if...
  10. F

    Experimental Litebans-ish 2021-05-21

    Litebans-Waterdog Waterdog plugin that's similar to litebans and aims to be compatible with it's datastore. This plugin is still in development. If you find any issues, feel free to open an issue on GitHub. This plugin has no relation to litebans besides that the database structure is similar...