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NPC / Slapper 2.4.0


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The Human gets a new ID every time I leave and return to the server. I've tried entering in a command (transfer) each time, but when I return the ID changes and the commands do not follow.


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Hello PetterM1, is it possible to make it work with LlamaButcher?
Because the Clearlagg, clear all NPC,s.
It's up to the developer to make their plugin not to remove NPCs. All they would need to do is to add a check for `namedTag.getBoolean("npc")`.


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Buenas Noches, mi pregunta es l A SIGUIENTE, M EL PLUGINS NO HACE TP A ALOS JUGADORES, CUAL ES EL PROBLEMA, TENGO MI SERVER Y NO LOGO QUE LOS NPC lleven a los jugadores a otros mundo.. urgente gracias