SimpleScoreboards 2.7.0


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A good plugin in and of itself, but please support Multi Perms.
I put in a placeholder for Multi Perms, but nothing happens.


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PetteriM1 updated SimpleScoreboards with a new update entry:


SimpleScoreboards version 2.5.0

- The plugin now supports both the old and the new PlaceholderAPI versions
- Scoreboards are now automatically removed when switching to a world with scoreboards disabled
- Some performance improvements

[!] For EconomyAPI and Factions placeholders please use %economy_money% and %factions_faction% with More Placeholders plugin
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how do i do it like a player to have
<faction> <prefix form luck perms > <name> : <message>

how do i do that and where do i add in config?


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It does not work with EconomyAPI and Luckperms, I have tried many options %% but not one is suitable.


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Unfortunately, this plugin did not work on my server along with "luckperms" (nukkit) and "EconomyAPI" when I set %economy_money% or %luckperms_prefix%, the %sign just disappears. what should I do?