NPC - Non-Player Character

NPC - Non-Player Character 3.0.0

Great plugin, it is missing scoretags though so please add that.
Great and cool! bypasses 'commandblacklist' which is EXACTLY what i wanted. I wish you could add simple talking text. 'Say' does NOT work because it is an Admin/op command. when others punch it, they get 'command not available'.
Не могли бы вы добавить, что вы можете вставить NPC с пользовательскими скинами.
Я бы посоветовал вам сохранить шкуры в конфигурации.
Приветствия Redstoneking18???
Ahaha, the translator translated the word skin to you as "шкура", which means the word "animal skin" or "whore" :D

But I understand you. I'll think about this implementation
Great plugin works great! Can't wait to see what else gets added.
Thank you very much :D
Great work, the plugin works well, at the moment there are no errors =)