Pets 1.6.4

- The command no longer requires player name to be specified when player adds a pet to self
- Pets now attempt to teleport to their owner when falling to void if teleportPets is enabled
- Lots of bug fixes
- Fixed a bug with removing pets in the previous version
- Made some pets to be baby animals
- Foxes can sit now
- Improved performance
- Fixed pets getting stuck in the air after teleporting if the target was not on ground
- Pets no longer teleport to players who are in spectator mode
- Replaced "pet" in the name tag with the entity name
- Added a new permission "pets.command" which only allows to set and remove own pet (default: op)
- Improved performance
- Fixed compatibility issues with latest Nukkit versions
- Added console logging for adding/removing pets
- Pets that shouldn't exist anymore are now removed on chunk load
- Player can now change dog's collar color and sheep's wool color using dyes
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Bug fixes
- New pet: fox
- Bug fixes
- New pet: pig
Added /callpet command which teleports pet to its owner
Now working on servers with mob plugin. Warning: Existing pets may despawn or stop working.
Fixes and improvements
Made pets teleport to owner when owner teleports. Config file will automatically get option to disable that feature if you want.