WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin)

WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) 1.1.4

Instead of an extremly big class with all the addon data hardcoded, WorldManager now fetches the addons from

I also removed the /wm update command because worldmanager has an auto updater.

And I changed most of the No Permission messages to see which permission you need.

Uhh. I made some inprovements over time. But I dont remember which.
So I will list everything I found.

So added API 1.0.13 to the supported apis,
Added an image link in plugin.yml to to display this image in PluginManager
Added Addons: WorldWhitelist by Buddelbubi, MaxWorldPlayers by Buddelbubi
Added /worldmanager version command? or maybe just forgot to document it.

Added a /locatebiome command because Nukkit does not have one.
Can be executed with /locatebiome or /wm locatebiome
The args are: /wm locatebiome (biome) [range] {true/false}
The {true/false} sets if you want to get teleported to the location.
Range and the teleport boolean are optional.

Also added an Auto-Updater.
Enabled by default. Can be disabled if you create a file in your plugins folder called worldmanager.yml with the content
autoupdate: false
The file isn't generated by default. You have to create it by your own.

Also patched some bugs like when a file is in your world folder or /wm list shows files in your worldsfolder.

And in this update I removed the max players per world due a nukkit bug. (Nukkit sometimes returns the max player count as 0)

Now you can sync gamerules and worldsettings easy
Just do /wm sync (templateworld) and a UI opens to select the worlds.
This is useful to save some time while changing the world gamerules on every level


WorldManager Lite has the core version of WorldManager. Excluding everything which is using configs.
Like the WorldManager Settings. This will save storage and ram.
Also removed some Events to save CPU power.
WorldManager by its own isn't using much ram, so you dont have to use this. This is only for servers with extreamly low specs.
Like if you have a Minigames Network where the servers run with 50mb of ram you want so save ram everywhere where it is possible.
And its still better than MultiWorld. Even the normal WorldManagers file size is smaller than MultiWorlds, even if it has way more features. And this file is even smaller.
Its not recommended for any 24/7 servers.

So only use it on your CloudNet SubServers which run with the bare minimum. Otherwise its just a loss of features.

You can Download WorldManager Lite here!

Please note that the WorldSigns are removed since this version. You'll find the WorldSigns Addons in the Teleportation Addons Tab

The last update was very important for me. To make updating simpler, I added a /wm version command to show your current version and more important a /wm update command to update your plugin very fast. Please execute it like once a month or more. I wont add auto updates for now

Please make sure to update!
This update fixed important statistics!

Also added a option to set the respawn world to your default world

Now you can create signs to teleport to a certain world.
If done correctly it looks like this:

You are not restricted to worlds only.
You can add coordinates in the third line to the third line:
If done correctly it will look like this:

To create signs you need the permission worldmanager.createsigns
To use signs you need the permission worldmanager.usesigns

/mvimport is now working
Also added /mvedit for /wm gamerule.
Added some aliases