WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin)

WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) 1.1.15

- You now can use the -t parameter in /worldmanager load and /worldmanager copy to teleport to the loaded / copied world after the action finished.
- /worldmanager sync is back. I forgot to change the sub command name after changing the command format in back in v1.1.12 .

Since I make my own minigames network, it was painful to convert our java maps to bedrock and then have to copy paste them in another world with the emptyworld generator. Now you can use /wm load worldname -g Generator to load a world with a specific generator. If you want to change the generator, just unload a world and load it again with the other generator.

Additional, after reloading a world, players will get teleported back where they were prior to the reload.

- Removed "use own gamemode" option, replaced by "none" in the gamemode dropdown (Please check if it worked for you)
- /worldmanager info now also shows the amount of entitys and block entitys in your world.

This update does not include any new features.
In prior versions of WorldManager, all commands were in one single class file.
With this update, every sub command gets its own class.
The command auto completion is now working too.
Also made Addon Page fetching async to stop freezing the main thread on slow networks.

- Reloading all worlds is now working
- /wm setseed [World] (seed): World is now optional
- Addons are no longer able to inject themself multiple times (If they were reloaded with PluginManager)
- /wm rename [Old Name] [New Name]: Old Name is now optional
- /wm copy [World] (Name of Copy)*: World is now optional
- /wm copy now counts up in the name if there is no given Name of Copy (CopyOfWorld#2..)
- /wm regenerate [World]* now works without the World parameter.
- Added Command Descriptions to Aliases
- Removed entkill,clag aliases from the clearlag command
- Removed installAddon,implement aliases from the addons command
- /wm list does not show folders without a level.dat file anymore.
- /wm sync menu now has a ElementLabel instead of sending a message
- /wm sync now uses the internal WorldManager API instead of reading the config.
- Removed the locatebiome command. Not related to world management! Will get sourced out to an addon.
- Removed setbiome command. Will get sourced out to an addon.
- Addon Form Windows are now using ids instead of color codes to identify.
- Fixed some misspellings.
- Added wmBiomes Addon. (Change Biomes by selection instead the entire world)
- Added Command Data to all WorldManager Commands.

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- /wm reload (without arguments) does now work.
- /wm reload defaultworld does not longer work.
- Threw some code through a code beautifier :)
- /wm status now shows the newest version of worldmanager.
- Auto Updater now closes the InputStream and Reader.
- Updated some messages:
* Added dots to some messages.
* Changed some messages.
- Improved Alias registration.

- Added WorldJoinMessage Addon ( Send messages when a User joins / leaves the world )
- Updated WorldChat Addon. It now works while using other chat formating plugins. *
- Updated MaxWorldPlayers Addon. It now shows in the /wm settings menu. *

* requires you to update those Addons

- Added alias for /wm settings. Now you can also use /wm edit.
- Added missing permission message if you dont have the permission to open the world UI
- Yes :) xd

If you are coding with the worldmanager api, and used WorldManager.plugin for some unexplainable reason, you have to change that to WorldManager.get()


WorldManager hit 10.000 Downloads. Thank you very much. 🥰
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Addons can now add their own settings to the /worldmanager settings menu.

Added Addon WorldChat (Not compatible with 1.1.7 and below)

WorldManagerOption.insertCustom(new WorldManagerOption(String key, Sting display, String description, Object defaultvalue));
I was dumb.. I used return instead of continue in a for loop...

Ah.. And I removed the "Sourcecode" folder. (The folder I put all the sources in to upload them to github). Reduced the file size for like 20kb