WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin)

WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) 1.1.9

- Added WorldJoinMessage Addon ( Send messages when a User joins / leaves the world )
- Updated WorldChat Addon. It now works while using other chat formating plugins. *
- Updated MaxWorldPlayers Addon. It now shows in the /wm settings menu. *

* requires you to update those Addons

- Added alias for /wm settings. Now you can also use /wm edit.
- Added missing permission message if you dont have the permission to open the world UI
- Yes :) xd

If you are coding with the worldmanager api, and used WorldManager.plugin for some unexplainable reason, you have to change that to WorldManager.get()


WorldManager hit 10.000 Downloads. Thank you very much. 🥰
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Addons can now add their own settings to the /worldmanager settings menu.

Added Addon WorldChat (Not compatible with 1.1.7 and below)

WorldManagerOption.insertCustom(new WorldManagerOption(String key, Sting display, String description, Object defaultvalue));
I was dumb.. I used return instead of continue in a for loop...

Ah.. And I removed the "Sourcecode" folder. (The folder I put all the sources in to upload them to github). Reduced the file size for like 20kb

You now can change the thumbnail in the /worldmanager teleport menu. Its only changeable in the config. Not ingame.

Also improved caching,
Fixed Bug bed respawn bug.
Some optical changes.

The plugin now uses its own World Class and used World Objects in the cache instead of configs.
It will probably use more ram, but it is more performant and elegant.
The World Class was added for a while now, but the plugin didn't use it.

Also renamed some classes and methods.

- Changed World Setting "respawndefaultworld" to "respawnworld". You can now select the respawn world.
- /worldmanager setdefault [world] now saves the setting in the (no loss after reboot)
- AutoUpdater now overwrites the file independend from the file name.
- Fixed empty world config files!! (Finally found out why this was happening)

Instead of an extremly big class with all the addon data hardcoded, WorldManager now fetches the addons from

I also removed the /wm update command because worldmanager has an auto updater.

And I changed most of the No Permission messages to see which permission you need.

Uhh. I made some inprovements over time. But I dont remember which.
So I will list everything I found.

So added API 1.0.13 to the supported apis,
Added an image link in plugin.yml to to display this image in PluginManager
Added Addons: WorldWhitelist by Buddelbubi, MaxWorldPlayers by Buddelbubi
Added /worldmanager version command? or maybe just forgot to document it.

Added a /locatebiome command because Nukkit does not have one.
Can be executed with /locatebiome or /wm locatebiome
The args are: /wm locatebiome (biome) [range] {true/false}
The {true/false} sets if you want to get teleported to the location.
Range and the teleport boolean are optional.

Also added an Auto-Updater.
Enabled by default. Can be disabled if you create a file in your plugins folder called worldmanager.yml with the content
autoupdate: false
The file isn't generated by default. You have to create it by your own.

Also patched some bugs like when a file is in your world folder or /wm list shows files in your worldsfolder.

And in this update I removed the max players per world due a nukkit bug. (Nukkit sometimes returns the max player count as 0)

Now you can sync gamerules and worldsettings easy
Just do /wm sync (templateworld) and a UI opens to select the worlds.
This is useful to save some time while changing the world gamerules on every level