WorldManager 1.0.6

Now you can change biomes of the world. I added this because it does not work with worldedit.

Do /worldmanager setbiome [Biome]
For a list of all biomes, do /worldmanager setbiome list

A Have to for every Builder
Now you can generate worlds using an UI


It opens on /worldmanager generate (or aliases)
You need the permission worldmanager.generateui
First of all, I added a teleport UI. It was a old request.
It shows the grassblock for Overworld Levels, A netherrack for Nether Levels and who guessed? A endstone for end dimension,... If they'll ever come to nukkit xd

The UI opens on /wm tp and needs the permission worldamanager.teleportui or worldmanager.admin

Also removed timelock, weatherlock and time from /wm settings. They are now in /wm gamerule.

But I added MovementCheck and Notes to the settings.
Now you can add notes to your world and en/disable the Nukkit Buildin Movementcheck per world, (Its the thing that glitches you back when you walk over halfslaps or stairs)

/wm info got more informations:
Now it shows the dimension and the note

Also patched some errors (Including the non teleport for * perms bug)
Added a command to change the default world,
Removed the help Form. Instead send the help in the chat.
/wm list now shows the generator for loaded worlds
Now you can manage your gamerules with /wm gamerule [World]
Also the "pvp" setting got removed. It got replaced with "playerlimit"
The pvp settig got removed because now there is a gamerule for this.
Also I add some aliases. Now you can user /world, /mvtp and /unitp

Also I fixed some errors
Now you can protect the world and disable pvp.


Also Time Lock works now!