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WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) 1.1.2


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What are the permission nodes for this?
The permission is always worldmanager.[MainSubcommand].
For example, the command /wm generate [World] (Generator) {Seed} has the permission worldmanager.generate. worldmanager.gen wont work. It have to be the main subcommand.
You can see the command and all the aliases when you execute /wm help ingame or via console.
You also can prevent players from entering a world. Just give them the permission worldmanager.deny.[World]
If you want to give a player access to /worldmanager teleport but only to a specific world, just give him the permission worldmanager.teleport.[World]
To open the teleport ui, the player needs the permisson worldmanager.teleportui.
For the generation ui, they need the permission worldmanager.generationui.
You can change the max players per world in your world settings. If the limit is reached, you can't enter the world unless you have the permission worldmanager.enterfullworlds
/worldmanager teleport [World] (Player)* teleports you or the pointed player in this world. Instead of "teleport", you can use tp and to
/worldmanager generate [World] (Generator)* {Seed}* generate a new world. Instead of "generate" you can use gen or create
/worldmanager delete [World] deletes the world. Instead of "delete" you can use del, remove or purge
/worldmanager load [World] loads the world while /worldmanager unload [World] unloads a world
/worldmanager reload [World]* reloads a world.
/worldmanager rename [World] (New Worldname) renames a world
/worldmanager copy [World] (Name of the Copy)* will copy a world. Be careful. You can overwrite other worlds.
/worldmanager setspawn will set the worldspawn
/worldmanager settings [World]* opens a FormUI with world-specific settings
/worldmanager regenerate [World]* regenerates the world. You also can use reg or reset instead of "regenerate"
/worldmanager setseed [World] (Seed) Change the seed of your world. Also works with reseed
/worldmanager info [World]* shows you informations about this world
/worldmanager setbiome [Biome] changes the biome of every loaded chunk in the current world.
/worldmanager gamerule [World]* opens an UI to manage the gamerules
/worldmanager update Updates WorldManager.
/worldmanager addons opens an addon ui where you can extend your server very easy.
/worldmanager default [World]* shows you the default level. You can change it if you write the worldname too.

* optional
So for teleportation its worldmanager.teleport or worldmanager.teleport.InsertYourWorldnameHere
Generation is worldmanager.generate
Gamerules are worldmanager.gamerule

But you can always use worldmanager.admin to have access to everything.


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BuddelStudios updated WorldManager (Advanced MultiWorld Plugin) with a new update entry:

Update 1.1.2

Added a /locatebiome command because Nukkit does not have one.
Can be executed with /locatebiome or /wm locatebiome
The args are: /wm locatebiome (biome) [range] {true/false}
The {true/false} sets if you want to get teleported to the location.
Range and the teleport boolean are optional.

Also added an Auto-Updater.
Enabled by default. Can be disabled if you create a file in your plugins folder called worldmanager.yml with the content
autoupdate: false
The file isn't generated by default...
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